14 People & How Their Religious Views Evolved Over Time

In the vast expanse of human experience, few topics are as personal and profound as our religious beliefs. They shape our morals, influence our actions, and provide a framework for understanding the world.

But as we journey through life, these beliefs can change, evolve, or even be completely upended. Here’s how some individuals’ religious views have transformed over time.

1. Questioning Divine Intervention

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“It’s [been] a while, but in my mind, God drowned the planet once for much less [stuff] going on, why doesn’t he give that a second go?”

Some ponder the actions of a higher power, especially in the face of global challenges. They wonder why, if a deity once intervened in human affairs, such intervention doesn’t happen more often in today’s tumultuous times.

2. Struggling with Faith

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“Being raised catholic, I wanted to believe, tried to, couldn’t.”

Being brought up in a religious environment doesn’t guarantee unwavering faith. Many grapple with their beliefs, trying earnestly to hold onto them, while others find it challenging to reconcile with certain teachings.

3. Discrepancies In Teachings & Actions

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“I was born into Mormonism.

Through issues with people in the church over the years, I couldn’t understand why they were so mean. Didn’t seem to fit with the things they taught us.”

Some individuals, despite being born into religious communities, find discrepancies between the teachings they receive and the actions of those around them. This misalignment often leads to questioning and, in some cases, distancing from the faith.

4. Shifting from Atheism to Agnosticism

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“I was raised atheist, now I lean more towards being agnostic, as I’ve grown older I realised that I have no good way of knowing if some sort of God is real or not, and neither sides convince me enough, so I’m fence-sitting until I get proper evidence.”

Not everyone starts with a religious foundation. Some are raised with atheistic views but later transition to agnosticism, realizing that the existence of a higher power is something they can neither confirm nor deny.

5. The Reality of Hypocrisy

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“I was an incredibly devoted Christian for my whole life. But the reality is that the most awful people I have ever known have all been Christians. I’m finally ready to stop denying the obvious and accept the sad reality that either their god isn’t real, or else it is as evil as they are.”

A common sentiment expressed is the disillusionment with religious individuals who don’t practice what they preach. This realization can be a significant factor in re-evaluating one’s own beliefs.

6. Exploring Different Faiths

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“Raised Evangelical United Brethren, which merged with the Methodists. Married a Roman Catholic, never converted. Recently joined the Unitarian Universalists.

Christ was great. Christianity, not so much.”

Life can lead us down various spiritual paths. Some who were raised in one religion might find themselves drawn to another, seeking a community or teachings that resonate more with their personal experiences.

7. Searching for Authenticity

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“I wasn’t raised religious. Found my way into it years ago, went to church but at some point it always starts feeling like a cult. I read the Bible and I can not fathom how some people who claim to live by it behave and some of the [stuff] they spew. As of right now, I’m not entirely sure where I stand so I have to figure that out”

For those not raised in a religious environment, the journey might involve exploring faith later in life. However, the challenge often lies in finding a religious community that feels genuine and not just ritualistic.

8. A Cynical Child’s Perspective

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“When I was little, I was very into Christianity (I went to a Christian school), but putting a cynical kid in a church with nothing to do for half an hour but listen to the service, they’ll start to pick holes in what you say, until I ruined any part of the bible for myself. Then, when I was old enough to watch the news, that blew any fragment of faith away. If God is omnipotent enough to impregnate a random woman or cure some lepers, why can’t he prevent floods or earthquakes or fires?”

Growing up in a Christian environment, a young, questioning mind can find inconsistencies in religious teachings. Exposure to real-world events, like natural disasters, can further challenge the belief in an omnipotent deity. If God can perform miracles, why can’t he prevent tragedies?

9. The Mormon’s Transformation

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“I was raised Mormon. I am no longer religious at all and am happier and a kinder, more compassionate person as a result.

My views changed when I looked into the teachings, history, and leadership of that church more closely. It all fell apart pretty quickly once I stopped accepting ‘just pray harder’ and ‘trust the prophets’ as answers to everything.”

Raised in the Mormon faith, some find happiness and compassion outside of religious confines. Delving deeper into the church’s teachings and history can lead to a swift change in beliefs, especially when traditional answers no longer suffice.

10. Reading the Bible as a Philosophical Guide

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“I’ve read the Bible front-to-back, six times in the last six years. I’ll read it again next year, it has changed my life.

But, reading it so much has made me less sure in my faith. I’ve come to realize that it’s a philosophical book and not meant to be read like the freakin’ USA Today. When you become immersed in it, the dots start to connect themselves, and you see themes get reinforced and restated throughout.

There’s deep truth in the Bible, it’s just not spelled out like a six-year-old would understand. You have to dig it out.”

Reading the Bible multiple times can offer new perspectives. Instead of viewing it as a straightforward guide, some see it as a philosophical text that requires deep introspection. While possibly mythological, the stories can hold profound truths that aren’t immediately apparent.

11. Agnostic Shift

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“Went to church every Sunday from 0-18. Went to youth group on Wednesdays in high school. I’m a rabid agnostic now. Biggest thing that changed my mind is I just found religious people to be petty, vindictive and self-righteous.”

Regular church attendance doesn’t guarantee unwavering faith. Over time, the behavior of religious individuals and contradictions in dogma can lead to skepticism and a shift towards agnosticism.

12. Atheism’s Moral Ground

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“I was an Evangelical as a teenager, became an atheist through moral development. I realized my religion was evil, and if God works the way they say, he’s evil too. They can call evil ‘good’ if they want to, words are just noises in the end, but I know what kind of person would burn and torture almost everyone forever.”

Moral development can lead some away from their religious roots. Recognizing perceived evils in religious teachings can result in a complete rejection of faith and a belief in a deity’s malevolence.

13. Nature’s Spiritual Pull

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“I just think there’s a sort of natural order to the universe, and there’s meaning to be found in it. So I guess maybe now I’m an agnostic instead of an atheist. I’ve become more spiritual, at least.”

While some maintain atheistic views, a growing appreciation for the natural world can lead to believing in a higher order. This doesn’t necessarily align with organized religion but leans toward spirituality and agnosticism.

14. Life’s Cruel Lessons

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“My 12-year-old got cancer, and watching her struggle with treatments and so many of our cancer friends dying convinced me if there is a God, he isn’t all good.”

Life’s tragedies, such as a child’s illness, can profoundly impact one’s faith. Witnessing suffering and loss can lead some to question the existence or benevolence of a higher power.

Decline In Traditional Religious Affiliation

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The religious landscape of the U.S. has undergone significant shifts in recent years. While Christians remain a majority, their share of the population has decreased by 12 points since 2011. This decline is particularly pronounced among Protestants.

Conversely, the religiously unaffiliated group has seen a rise, growing by 10 points in the last decade. This group includes atheists, agnostics, and those who identify with “nothing in particular.” The shift suggests a broader societal trend towards secularism and a move away from traditional religious affiliations.

Changing Religious Practices

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Religious practices and beliefs in the U.S. are also evolving. Fewer adults now report engaging in daily prayer or considering religion as “very important” compared to a decade ago.

Additionally, about 31% of U.S. adults attend religious services at least once or twice a month, which has fluctuated over the years. These changes reflect a diverse and dynamic approach to faith, with individuals seeking personal and meaningful ways to connect with their spiritual beliefs.

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