15 Things Men Wish Women Knew

Dive into the unspoken truths of the male psyche in exploring what men wish women knew about them, from debunking age-old stereotypes to unveiling the genuine emotional landscape often hidden beneath a façade of masculinity.

Prepare to challenge your perceptions and discover the profound realities that shape men’s experiences in ways you never anticipated. Are you ready to see beyond the surface?

1. Embracing Bold Moves

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“Subtle hints usually don’t work.

STRONG hints usually don’t work.

Just… tell us.

That works.”

Men don’t perceive women who make the first move as threatening or unattractive. It’s quite the opposite. This proactive approach is often appreciated and seen as a sign of confidence and clarity.

2. More Than Stereotypes

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“We have feelings, too, besides sex, anger, and hungry.”

Men experience a spectrum of emotions, just like women. Society often paints men with a broad brush—driven by anger, hunger, or sexual desires—but they, too, need a safe space to express vulnerability and a range of feelings.

3. The Silent Struggle

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“How [awful] outside resources for mental health and **** crisis can be.”

The external resources available for men dealing with mental health issues and trauma are often inadequate. This lack of support can lead to feelings of isolation and helplessness, making it crucial to recognize and address these gaps.

4. The Trust Factor

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“When you tell your friends private [stuff] when you judge us for a moment of weakness, it would be like if all of a sudden all of your confidants turned away from you.”

For many men, societal norms dictate a stoic exterior, limiting their emotional outlets. When they do open up, it’s usually to someone they deeply trust, often their significant other. Breaching this trust can have devastating effects, emphasizing the need for confidentiality and empathy.

5. Not the Adversary

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“That we aren’t the enemy.

Truth be told, the way a lot of women talk about men depresses me.”

Men often feel misunderstood and labeled as “the enemy” in discussions about gender dynamics. This adversarial view can be disheartening and counterproductive to fostering mutual understanding and respect.

6. The Burden of Insecurity

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“That size insecurity is really damaging to the psyche.”

Insecurities related to physical attributes, such as size, can significantly impact men’s mental health. Recognizing and addressing these insecurities requires kindness, reassurance, and open dialogue.

7. The Foundation of Self-Worth

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“Success with women is the foundation of self-worth for a lot of guys. Insecurity for a lot of guys has plenty to do with interaction with the opposite sex.”

Many men tie their self-worth to their success with women, which can lead to profound insecurity. This pressure is further complicated by societal expectations and the fear of appearing undesirable or creepy.

8. Honesty with a Purpose

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“That we might not be 100% honest, but we’re trying to build them up (in some cases).

Ex: ‘Hey babe! You look cute today!’ eye roll ‘I’m barely wearing any makeup…’ (We’re saying we find you beautiful regardless of what you look like.)”

When men compliment their partners, it’s often genuine and not just an attempt to be patronizing. They seek to uplift and affirm their partners, even if they’re sometimes clumsy in their approach.

9. Testosterone’s Double-Edged Sword

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“[We] shrink in cold water, and like an earlier comment mentioned is that testosterone is a hell of a drug. It can turn you from calm and relaxed to angry and [aroused] real quick.”

Testosterone can cause rapid mood shifts in men, from calm to angry or aroused. Understanding this can help in recognizing certain behaviors and responding with empathy.

10. Craving Compliments

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“Men like compliments, too.”

Men cherish compliments as much as women do. A kind word can brighten their day and boost their confidence, whether it’s a word of appreciation for their efforts or a comment on their appearance.

11. Beyond Physical Attraction

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“Just because I think you’re sexy doesn’t mean the only reason I’m talking to you is to get into your pants.”

Finding someone attractive doesn’t equate to a singular, physical objective. Men can admire women’s beauty and still seek a deep, meaningful connection beyond physical intimacy.

12. The Weight of Expectations

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“It’s not easy being a man. Being expected to be confident, masculine, tall, muscular, successful, fearless, suave, etc is hard.”

Being a man comes with its own societal pressures: to be confident, successful, fearless, and physically imposing, among others. Not every man fits this “alpha” stereotype, and living under this shadow can be challenging. Recognizing individuality beyond these expectations is crucial.

13. The Height Hurdle

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“Only 20% of men are 6′ or taller. Only 3.9% are 6’2″ or taller.”

Statistically, tall men are a minority. Women seeking partners from this small pool must realize they compete for a fraction of the population. Preferences are valid, but they often require a reality check.

14. The Art of Rejection

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“There is no good way to reject someone – you’re going to hurt most guys with it, at least a little. If you are deceptive or avoidant, you’ll make it worse. You may have your own justified reasons for doing so, but don’t pretend you’re doing it for our sake.”

Rejection is never easy and will hurt, regardless of how it’s delivered. Honesty, though painful, is less damaging in the long run. Avoidance or deception only exacerbates the sting, prolonging the inevitable and potentially causing more harm.

15. The Mind’s Musing

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“Sometimes, I can truly be thinking of absolutely nothing. A small portion of the time, I’ll be thinking of things completely disconnected from reality, like if turtles without shells are homeless or naked or what the best part of being a flower is.”

Men’s thoughts can range from profoundly deep to amusingly whimsical. Sometimes, they contemplate life’s mysteries; other times, they ponder small natural wonders. Embracing these quirks adds a rich layer to understanding their psyche.

The Complexity of Gender Stereotypes

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Gender stereotypes are not just simplistic or overgeneralized beliefs; they’re complex constructs encompassing various attributes and behaviors.

This complexity is often overlooked, leading to misconceptions and biases that can affect both men and women in various aspects of life, including career opportunities, social interactions, and self-perception.

The Impact of Stereotypes on Self-Perception

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Stereotypes don’t just influence how we see others; they also shape how individuals see themselves, a process known as self-stereotyping. This internalization can affect one’s identity, aspirations, and behaviors, often in ways that conform to societal expectations.

However, there’s a nuanced interplay between self-perceptions and societal stereotypes, and individuals may not always apply the same stereotypes to themselves as they do to others. Understanding this dynamic is essential for mitigating the negative impacts of stereotypes and fostering a more inclusive society.

By acknowledging these insights, we can bridge the gender divide, fostering deeper connections and mutual respect. Remember, understanding is a two-way street that starts with open, honest conversations.

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