17 Male Professions Often Deemed Deal-Breakers by Women

In the quest for love, we often consider hobbies, personality, and even zodiac signs as compatibility markers. But what about jobs? Women weighed in on careers that are automatic deal-breakers for them.

Their answers were not only surprising but also gave fascinating insights into societal perceptions and personal preferences. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Life Coach

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“I dated a former life coach, and he’d say the most mundane [stuff] (or insights I’d already had but phrased differently) and expect me to shower him with thanks and praise.”

Some women shared their aversion to partners who work as life coaches. The consensus was that life coaches can sometimes be prone to offering unsolicited advice or insights that aren’t as profound as they believe.

2. MLM Enthusiast

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“MLM, whole life insurance sales, selling how to get rich quick packages, and of the like that’s hustle and scammy.”

Multi-level marketing (MLM) professionals were also a no-go for these ladies. The nature of MLM businesses, often seen as untrustworthy or unsustainable, was a significant turn-off. The ethical implications of these schemes and the potential financial instability they introduce into relationships could be concerning.

3. Pimp

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“A pimp’s love is very different from that of a square.”

Women avoid dating pimps due to the profession’s inherent exploitation and illegality, which starkly contrast with values of respect, equality, and human dignity. The dark underbelly of this work, often linked to danger and immorality, makes it fundamentally incompatible with a healthy, respectful relationship.

4. Celebrity

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“Anything famous or public facing (actor, politician) because no matter how much you try to keep yourself private, you will be talked about in media.”

Dating a celebrity comes with a high price: relentless public scrutiny, invasions of privacy, and a lifestyle often steeped in superficiality. The genuine, intimate moments crucial to a healthy relationship can be overshadowed by the demands and artificiality of fame, deterring those seeking authentic connection.

5. High-Commission Salesperson

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“Any high-commission sales position and they are a top seller in the company. There are no souls to be found there, just psychopathy and endless greed.”

The world of high-commission sales, known for its cutthroat competitiveness and profit-driven mentality, can indicate a lack of genuine empathy and emotional availability. Women may worry that such a partner prioritizes personal gain over ethics and meaningful relationships, traits undesirable in a long-term companion.

6. Homeopathic Researcher

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“We have a whole medical field where people will spend almost a decade learning how the human body works and how to treat serious illness. But sure, let’s listen to your hippy neighbor who took shrooms and read a book ‘based on a white guy’s trip to China once that changed his life,’ who then spent six weeks and is now a homeopathic expert.”

A career in homeopathy, especially when tied to serious matters like cancer research, raises concerns due to its lack of scientific grounding. Women preferring partners who value critical thinking and evidence-based practices may find the speculative nature of homeopathy and the potential denial of established science unappealing.

7. Necromancer

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“When he said he wanted to raise a family with me, I thought he meant something else…”

Though more fantastical than the others, dating a “necromancer” suggests an entanglement with dark, supernatural elements far removed from reality. This extreme occupation implies a detachment from everyday life’s practicalities and emotional responsibilities, making meaningful connections challenging.

8. Strip Club Massage Therapist

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“My ex was a massage therapist at a strip club. Like he gave the them massages because their muscles got tired lol. I wouldn’t date another one of those.”

Working in an environment often perceived as sexually charged, like a strip club, might raise concerns about fidelity and boundaries. The unique workplace dynamics and potential for jealousy can cause discomfort, leading women to prefer partners in more conventional settings to avoid emotional strain.

9. Entrepreneur

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“I would ALWAYS swipe left (during my dating years) on any dude with ‘Entrepreneur’ as his occupation.”

The entrepreneur label can be daunting, often associated with a high-risk lifestyle, financial instability, and a workaholic nature. The uncertainty and demands of startup culture might suggest a lack of work-life balance, potentially sidelining a partner’s emotional needs and shared quality time, which is crucial in a nurturing relationship.

10. Debt Collector

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“I was a debt collector for the better part of a year, and I have to say, I couldn’t agree more. It’s a job that attracts some soulless individuals. Every day at lunch, I watched from my car as other lonely people cried in their cars.”

The profession of debt collecting, inherently confrontational and often linked to high-stress situations, might signal a combative nature. The emotional toll of pursuing debts, sometimes with aggressive tactics, can bleed into personal life, suggesting a hardness or insensitivity that may be off-putting to potential partners seeking gentleness and empathy.

11. Politician

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“Most national level politicians get divorced by the end of their first terms. Stressful job, everyone hates you, long hours, usually late at night. Part of the reason so few women run for office.”

The world of politics, rife with scrutiny, scandal, and constant public attention, can be a love deterrent. The compromises and moral ambiguity often associated with political life might suggest a flexible ethical code. Women may fear deceit, infidelity, or prioritizing public image over genuine intimacy, eroding trust in the relationship.

12. Real Estate Agent

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“In sales, you have to get used to white lies. That permeates into the relationship. Also, if they are dedicated to their job, that means they are never off. Oh want a nice dinner with them, but a lead call comes in. Guess what’s happening yep, they are taking the lead call. You end up playing second fiddle to their job.”

Though seemingly innocuous, real estate agents work in a fiercely competitive, commission-based field, potentially fostering ruthlessness or dishonesty to close deals. The unpredictability of income and work hours, along with the persona sometimes adopted for sales, may raise concerns about authenticity and stability in a relationship.

13. Police Officer

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“My mom says there is just a small percentage of cops capable of dealing with the stress of being a cop without a large amount of change in their life and views. It’s often compounded that those few also prefer not to be put into that position either.”

The profession of a police officer, marked by irregular hours, high stress, and potential danger, poses significant emotional challenges. The strain of law enforcement duties, public scrutiny, and the societal debate over policing can create relational tensions and anxiety for partners seeking a peaceful, predictable life.

14. Influencer

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“Dating an influencer makes you a cameraman.”

Dating an influencer whose career revolves around public persona and social media can imply a life under constant scrutiny. Pursuing likes, trends, and superficial validation might suggest a lack of privacy and depth in personal interactions, deterring those who value authentic, uncurated connections.

15. Lawyer

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“I’m a lawyer, and I’ve told my sister to avoid lawyers. Yes, people might hate lawyers, but so do we.”

Lawyers often grapple with intense workloads, ethical dilemmas, and a combative work environment, potentially carrying stress and cynicism into personal relationships.

The adversarial nature of legal work and the stereotype of lawyers being manipulative or emotionally detached can be unsettling for someone seeking open, stress-free companionship.

16. Active Duty Soldier

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“An army soldier who is active on the ground or could be deployed any time. I’d be terrified of losing the man I love to the horror of war. I’d rather be alone.”

Being with an active duty soldier involves daunting emotional challenges, including prolonged separations and the ever-present risk of danger. The looming fear of deployment, potential PTSD, and the soldier’s necessary commitment to duty above all else can overshadow relationship needs, making this a heart-wrenching prospect for a committed partner.

17. Slaughterer

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“Slaughterer on a farm. Doing this on a daily basis has a huge impact on the personality, and it’s totally not what I’m looking for.”

Employment as a slaughterer, dealing daily with death in a desensitized manner, can be deeply troubling to potential partners. This line of work, necessary but grim, might suggest a psychological and emotional toll, or a level of detachment from suffering, that those seeking sensitive, empathetic partners would find incompatible.

The Psychology of Profession and Personality In Romance

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Regarding romantic compatibility, the conversation extends beyond mere job titles to the psychology of personality types inherent in certain career paths.

Understanding this dynamic is crucial in the complex landscape of romantic compatibility.

Personality Echoes In Career Choices

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Careers often reflect significant aspects of an individual’s personality. For instance, roles demanding innovation and risk might attract adventurous spirits, while jobs emphasizing structure and rules might appeal to more organized, methodical individuals.

In romance, these traits become talking points as potential partners gauge compatibility, often seeking harmony in temperaments or shared values.

Seeking Balance In Character

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Sometimes, the attraction lies in balance. A person in a high-stress, competitive profession might seek solace in a partner with a calming, grounded presence, offering respite from work’s intensity.

Conversely, someone in a routine-oriented job might find excitement in a partner with a spontaneous, unpredictable career, bringing vibrancy to their everyday life.

The Allure of Shared Values

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Professions speak volumes about a person’s values, ethics, and priorities — crucial factors in assessing romantic potential. People often seek partners whose careers indicate shared goals or ideals, creating a mutual understanding and respect foundational to lasting relationships.

Navigating Personality Complexities

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While it’s simplistic to assume everyone in a profession shares the same personality traits, certain tendencies often prevail, influencing relationship dynamics. Recognizing and understanding these nuances adds depth to the quest for compatibility, reminding us that the heart of romantic discernment often lies well beyond a mere job description.

In love, as in life, the interplay between profession and personality is intricate and telling, a dance of traits, tendencies, and preferences that shape the stories of our lives.

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