18 Quirky Things Boomers Love, But Leave Millennials Puzzled

In every generation, there are habits, preferences, and quirks that seem to baffle the younger crowd.

Here’s a light-hearted look at some of the things that our older counterparts adore, which might leave the Millennials scratching their heads.

1. Gossiping

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“My dad is a baby boomer and he literally walks around the neighborhood, daily, to find out new information from the neighbors so he can come tell my mom he’s so proud that he knows new info he can share. Community watch”

Elderly folks seem to have a penchant for being the first to share news. With a keen ear for gossip and an eye for detail, they stroll the streets, engaging with neighbors and collecting the latest news and updates. Their joy comes from sharing these tales, keeping the community tightly knit and always informed.

2. People Watching

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“In my country (Brazil), old people sit in front of their houses and do absolutely nothing for hours, just watching people and cars go by. This is more common for lower social class, for instance, my grandma and her friends gather every day at someone’s door and just sit there until the night comes (they are retired).”

It’s common to find older individuals sitting outside their homes, simply watching the world go by. Whether it’s to let in fresh air, signal they’re open for a chat, or just to pass the time, this pastime seems to be universally cherished by the elderly.

3. Defending Lawns

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“I’ve reached the tipping point. I love my hedge and some drunk kid fell in it. Big hole. Will take four years to grow back. This ‘get off my lawn’ moment awakened the old in me.”

There’s a certain age when one starts to feel very protective of their lawn or garden. A stray ball or an inconsiderate passerby can ignite the “get off my lawn” sentiment.

It’s a rite of passage for many, marking the transition from carefree youth to protective elder.

4. Acquired Musical Tastes

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“There is this weird type of traditional Vietnamese music my parents said that only old people like and they could not stand it either. A decade later and apparently they enjoy it. I await my turn in fear.”

Every culture has its traditional music that seems to resonate more with the older generation. In Vietnam, for instance, there’s a type of music called “Cải lương” that many young people can’t stand. Yet, as they age, they find themselves slowly warming up to it.

It’s a reminder that our tastes can evolve in unexpected ways.

5. Announcing Deaths

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“I’m a window cleaner and have a lot of elderly customers. Over the years I’ve found they LOVE to be the first one to tell me one of the neighbors has died. To the point where if I say ‘yeah, Thelma already let me know’, they look genuinely disappointed and annoyed that they weren’t the one to break the news to me.”

It’s not just about being the first to share the news. Some elderly individuals have a particular way of announcing someone’s passing, often involving a series of leading questions about how well you remember the deceased.

It’s a mix of nostalgia and the stark reality of life’s impermanence.

6. Changing Taste in Fashion

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“Oldie here… I worked for a Canadian clothing store called Marks. I used to point our new arrivals to my daughter to see if she liked them, and she would say “Ugh. Those are old people’s clothes!” One day she came in, looked around, and said “You guys are starting to get some pretty good stuff.” I laughed because nothing had really changed, and watched the expression on her face change as it slowly dawned on her.”

Fashion is a dynamic entity, constantly evolving. Yet, as we age, our perception of style often shifts. What once seemed outdated becomes chic, revealing that fashion isn’t just about trends, but also personal growth and changing perspectives.

7. Watching the News

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“Watching the news constantly”

Many old people develop an insatiable appetite for current events. These “News Junkies” are always tuned in, seeking updates and analyses, ensuring they’re never out of the loop.

8. Oversharing

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“Telling anyone who will listen about their various ailments. Look, I’m 57, so I’m ancient by Reddit standards. But I vowed early on that I will not become one of these over-sharing old people.”

Some older individuals wear their hearts on their sleeves, sharing personal details with little reservation. These “Over-Sharers” believe in the power of open communication, often blurring the lines between private and public. Their candidness, while sometimes overwhelming, offers a genuine glimpse into their lives.

9. Playing the Slot Machines

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“Sitting hours behind those slot machines”

For many, the allure of slot machines isn’t just about winning. It’s the thrill of chance, the mesmerizing spins, and the hope of a jackpot. These enthusiasts find solace and excitement in the game’s unpredictability.

10. Using Ointments

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“Asian kid growing up with grandparents using Eagle Brand green ointment like it’s cologne. Never understood it. Now that I’m older, every muscle hurts after hitting 30!! And I’m using the ointment like it’s holy water!”

Throughout cultures, there exists a revered remedy, passed down through generations. Its uses are vast, from soothing aches to healing wounds. As age sets in, many find themselves turning to these trusted balms, a testament to their timeless efficacy.

11. Critiquing Nextdoor

spying neighbor ss1809611173
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“B**ching about everything on the Nextdoor app”

Every community has its vocal members, quick to voice opinions on local matters. On platforms like Nextdoor, these critics actively engage, offering insights, critiques, and sometimes just plain gossip. Their active participation shapes neighborhood narratives.

12. Writing Signatures on Facebook

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“Facebook – adding your own name to a comment like “great photos, love Mum and John”. I f****** know it’s you, Maureen, it shows me your when you comment.”

Despite usernames being displayed, some elderly individuals still sign off their comments with their names. It’s a blend of old-world charm in modern communication. It’s endearing, reminding us of handwritten letters.

13. Collecting Fine China

fine china dp43769835
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“Fine china and silverware. It’s pretty in the way anything made in bulk can be, it’s expensive, has very little resale value, fragile as f***, and virtually useless unless you’re trying to impress another old person.”

Elegance, tradition, and nostalgia define the collections of fine china enthusiasts. Beyond mere tableware, each piece tells a story, representing family histories and cultural legacies. It’s a symbol of elegance, tradition, and perhaps a bygone era.

14. Watching Soap Operas

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“Soap operas. I get bored after 30 minutes. How does someone watch 500 episodes.”

Soap operas, with their intricate plots and dramatic twists, captivate a dedicated elderly audience. These devotees immerse themselves in fictional worlds, forming bonds with characters and eagerly awaiting each episode. It’s a daily dose of drama and entertainment.

15. Sitting In Recliners

recliner dp77738948
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“Oh my god, just sitting down in my recliner is glorious. Younger people may think I’m nuts but I have so much stuff going on, it’s nice to just sit down and relax.”

After a long day, nothing compares to the comfort of a recliner. For many, this simple chair represents relaxation, a personal haven to unwind and reflect. It’s more than furniture, it’s a sanctuary.

16. Weather Watching

weather dp12122265
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“Obsessed with the weather. My partner’s grandmother house-sat while we were away for a trip and made sure to record the weather details for us of every day we were gone.”

There’s a fascination with the weather among the elderly. Some even go to the extent of recording daily weather details, perhaps as a way of staying connected to the world around them.

17. Strolling Naked in Locker Rooms

locker room dp24166913
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“Walking around naked in the gym locker room”

In the sanctity of gym locker rooms, some older individuals embrace unabashed freedom, walking around with confidence. This stroll, often seen among the older generation, is a testament to self-assuredness and comfort in one’s skin, challenging societal norms of modesty.

18. Writing Thank-You Notes

taking notes dp151614128
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“Thank-you notes. As a kid, I thought as long as you thank someone in person, there’s no need to write a note specifically to thank them again.
But when I do receive such a note, it makes me think that person is super kind and thoughtful, a genuinely good soul.”

In an era of instant messaging, the art of handwritten thank-you notes persists. Advocates of this tradition believe in its personal touch, seeing it as a heartfelt gesture that strengthens bonds and expresses genuine gratitude beyond digital acknowledgments.

Understanding Generational Differences

thinking man ss1450014455
Photo Credit: Damir Khabirov/Shutterstock.

Generational differences have long been a topic of discussion, especially in the context of the workplace and societal behaviors. However, the understanding of these differences is often clouded by myths and misconceptions.

Myths Surrounding Generations

Photo Credit: Volodymyr TVERDOKHLIB/Shutterstock.

Several myths surround the concept of generations. Common misconceptions include the belief that generational labels and age ranges are universally agreed upon or that generational differences are the primary reasons for changing work patterns.

Age vs. Generation

grandparents dp4763467
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The differences we observe might be more related to age or the specific period in which individuals live. For instance, certain behaviors attributed to Millennials might be more about their current life stage than a generational trait.

Bridging the Gap

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Image Credit: VGstockstudio/Shutterstock.

While generational differences might offer a convenient way to categorize and understand behaviors, it’s essential to recognize the broader influences of age, life stage, and societal context.

This understanding can bridge the gap between what science says about generations and how society perceives them, shedding light on why certain behaviors of the elderly might seem perplexing to younger generations.

While some of these habits might seem odd to the younger generation, they offer a window into the values, traditions, and joys of the elderly. As we age, who knows? We might find ourselves adopting some of these quirks too.

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