20 Foods That You Either Love or Hate, No In-Between

Ever wondered why some foods are loved by many but hated by others? We explored some bizarre foods that have left many scratching their heads, wondering why others enjoy them.

Here are some of the most controversial foods:

1. Jellied Eels

eels dp4766062
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“‘Why did we make this? Who did we think we were impressing??’ – London”

Jellied eels bring a wobbly adventure to your plate. While some enjoy this gelatinous delight, others find the texture a bit too… unique. It’s a jelly journey that not everyone is ready to embark on!

2. Lutefisk

lutefisk dp240361040
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“What’s that Norwegian dish that smells like sin and you have to bury it? Someone out there likes it and they are wrong.”

Lutefisk offers a jelly-like, somewhat slimy texture that can slide right off your fork! While it’s a Christmas favorite in Scandinavia, the “slip and slide” experience isn’t everyone’s holiday wish.

3. Kiviak

kiciak dp1561061
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“Could you be thinking of Kiviak? 500 seagulls/auk birds packed into the skin of a seal & buried for 3 months before eating.”

Kiviak is like a surprise party in your mouth, where fermented birds are the guests of honor! It’s an acquired taste, and let’s just say, not everyone is RSVPing ‘yes’ to this party.

4. Candied Apples

candied apple dp152175044
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“Candied apples. I always dreamed of trying one as a kid, then was massively disappointed when I found it was awful to chew, too hard and sticky to be enjoyable, and didn’t have much flavor.

Candied apples may look appealing, especially to children, but many have expressed disappointment upon trying them. The hard and sticky texture coupled with a lack of flavor has left many disillusioned. And the hard candy shell can be a dental adventure that not everyone is willing to undertake.

5. Balut Egg

brown and white eggs ss580466428 1
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“I try to be open-minded, but I can’t imagine the texture not being disconcerting. Even if the bones, feet, and beaks are softer, it seems like they’d still be stringy or have some snap.”

Balut, a fertilized duck embryo, is a popular street food in the Philippines. However, the texture of this dish, which includes bones and beaks. It isn’t everyone’s favorite, but it sure does have a dedicated fan base!

6. Gefilte Fish

gefilte fish dp10759283
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“My future grandfather-in-law said I wasn’t a man if I refused to eat gefilte fish straight from the jar when dating my now wife. He went to his grave thinking I wasn’t a man but which one of us is still alive? Checkmate, Moishe. I still haven’t eaten that [stuff] and I never will.”

Gefilte fish is a bit like the mystery novel of the dining table; a blend of various fish ground together into a patty or ball. While it’s a Passover staple, some can’t quite enjoy its unique texture and taste.

7. Cou-Cou

cou cou dp430600112
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“It’s part of our national dish and it just tastes awful to me but any time I say I don’t like it someone tells me the person who made it probably didn’t make it right.”

Cou-Cou invites you to a texture party where cornmeal is the star! However, some find the texture a bit too mushy for their taste buds. It’s a dish that leaves people pondering, “Maybe it’s just not made right?”

8. Chitlins

chitlins dp6917152
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“Of, all the food available someone is choosing [awful] shoots. Smh”

Chitlins, or the adventurous path in the culinary world, where you find yourself navigating through the intestines of a pig. It’s a bold choice, and while it has its fans, others politely decline the invitation, citing the strong odor and intensive cleaning process as deal-breakers.

9. Over-the-Top Hamburgers

burger food ss1937730733
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“Excessively built up greasy, greasy hamburgers. The kind with like, 3 patties made of 3 different animals, bacon, 4 types of cheese, and zillion condiments, and just built sky-high to the point you can’t even take a bite without it falling apart and half the contents [falling] out the back end of the sandwich onto your plate.”

Picture a skyscraper of flavors with layers of patties, cheeses, and a rainbow of condiments. It’s a towering achievement in the burger world, but some diners prefer a less chaotic construction, fearing a flavor avalanche with each bite.

10. Chicken Feet

chicken feet dp41478261
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“I bought some at a traditional Chinese restaurant one time. It tasted [really] amazing! But I couldn’t get over the fact that I was sucking meat off of toes… So I couldn’t finish them.”

While offering a chewy texture that dances on your palate, chicken feet have grossed out many individuals finding the visual appearance a bit too footloose for their liking.

11. Durian

durian dp3867259
Image Credit:davidgn/DepositPhotos.

“People in Asia love this. I can’t get past the smell.”

Durian is known for its strong, pungent smell, which people have mixed feelings about. While it is loved by many for its rich, custardy flesh, others find the aroma overpowering, likening it to a variety of strong smells, which can be off-putting.

12. Spicy Food

spicy food dp82962022
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“I’m going to be completely honest, I have the spice tolerance of a sickly American pilgrim. I’ve never liked spicy food, and I’m unable to see the appeal in scorching my mouth til I lose feeling in my toes.”

Spicy foods can ignite a fire in your mouth, which is a sensation that many crave. However, there are individuals with a low tolerance for heat who find spicy foods uncomfortable to consume, preferring dishes that are milder and gentler on the palate.

13. Turkish Delight

turkish delight dp52374773
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“It’s perfume and gelatin with icing sugar.”

Turkish delight is known for its sweet and floral notes, often rose or lemon, coupled with a chewy and sticky texture. While it is a beloved treat in many cultures, some find the floral notes too strong, and the texture a bit too sticky for their preference.

14. Animal Blood

animal blood dp209288388
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“It tastes like I’m eating copper. It’s disgusting. This is very popular in Asian countries as confirmed by my Asian friend who also loves it.”

Animal blood is used in various cuisines around the world, offering a rich and iron-heavy component to dishes. However, it has a distinct metallic taste that is not universally appreciated, with some finding the flavor too strong and the concept unappealing.

15. Natto

natto dp377488206
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“It has the consistency of snot and has an unpleasant odor (like feet) and taste (tangy fermented flavor).”

Natto is known for its slimy texture and strong, fermented aroma. While it is a nutritious food that is a staple in many Japanese diets, the unique texture and smell can be a barrier for those trying it for the first time, leading to mixed reviews.

16. Liver

liver dp204155184
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“If I wanted that taste, I would eat the filter from a fish tank.”

Liver, often described as having a metallic and somewhat gamey flavor, can be a bit polarizing. While it is rich in nutrients, its strong flavor profile and smooth texture are not universally appreciated, leading some to steer clear of it in their diet.

17. Japanese Blowfish

japanese fishbowl dp144326159
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“You can literally die if it’s prepared incorrectly.”

The fish contains tetrodotoxin, a potent poison found in its organs, especially the liver, ovaries, eyes, and skin. This toxin is so lethal that it can cause paralysis while the victim remains fully conscious, eventually leading to death through asphyxiation. Due to this, the preparation of Fugu is strictly regulated by law in several countries including Japan and Korea.

Chefs undergo rigorous training for three or more years to get certified for preparing this dish. The training involves learning how to remove the toxic parts carefully to avoid contaminating the meat. It is important to note that there is no known antidote for Fugu poison, making the preparation process extremely critical.

18. Black Licorice

black licorice dp32771043
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“My husband is from the Netherlands and I see him die a little inside wherever I tell him I don’t like licorice. Apparently, it’s like a staple candy there. His mom sends us bags of it every few months and he inhales it.”

Black licorice stands out with its bold and somewhat medicinal flavor, derived from anise or licorice root. While it has a dedicated following, the strong, herbal taste can be a bit too overpowering for some, making it a love-it-or-hate-it kind of treat.

19. Oysters

oysters dp109904706
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“They look so gross, and people should leave them in the water because they’re such handy little filtration systems.”

Oysters offer a briny taste of the sea with a slippery texture that slides right down. While many appreciate this fresh marine flavor, others find the texture and appearance less appetizing, preferring to pass on this seafood delicacy.

20. Eggplant

eggplant dp49222539
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“I have tried eating it every way, shape, and form I still to this day continue to try it but every single time I have it I am disgusted.”

Eggplant presents a texture dilemma; it can be wonderfully creamy when cooked well but can turn into a mushy mess if not handled correctly. This variability in texture, along with its somewhat bland flavor, can be off-putting for some, making it a less favored vegetable.

The world is full of bizarre foods that are loved by some and hated by others. It’s fascinating to see the wide range of opinions on these controversial dishes. Whether you are adventurous enough to try them or prefer to stay away, it’s undeniable that these foods have sparked lively discussions and brought food enthusiasts together in the most unexpected ways.

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