‘$20 out the door for 4 days of food’: Man Shares Savvy Meal Prep Hack by Ordering Chicken Enchiladas

In a time where convenience is king, meal kit services have soared in popularity, promising a hassle-free cooking experience with curated ingredients and recipes delivered straight to your doorstep.

However, a TikTok user has proposed a more cost-effective and enjoyable alternative. Here, we delve into this trending strategy that promises four days of meals for just $20.

A Trending Cost-Effective Meal Prep Strategy

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In a world where meal kit services are becoming increasingly popular, offering curated ingredients and recipes delivered straight to your doorstep, some are seeking more cost-effective and enjoyable alternatives.

A TikTok user has shared a trending video suggesting a novel approach: ordering combo plates of chicken enchiladas from local restaurants.

The video showcases four open combo plates from a local chain with five locations, captioned, “$20 out the door for 4 days of food.”

The Hack: Ordering Combo Plates

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In the video initiates a conversation about the financial and time-saving benefits of this strategy. He says,

“Here’s a life hack for you. Instead of ordering meal kits for a ton of money, you have to cook every night, order four combos during the special happy hour at your local Mexican food restaurant and enjoy!”

This approach saves money compared to pricier meal kit services and eliminates the need for nightly cooking, introducing a flavorful, ready-to-eat option.

Mixed Reactions from the Community

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However, this strategy has received mixed reviews. While it is a clever way to save money and time, some have raised concerns about the nutritional value and the quality of the meals.

One commenter noted,

“That’s all carbs, bro; that’s no good,” criticizing the carbohydrate content of the chicken enchiladas.

Another suggested simply buying groceries instead, to which responded,

“Cooking for one really sucks.”

Moreover, some users foresaw potential gastrointestinal issues, with one remarking, “My bathroom hates this idea.” Despite these concerns, the original poster remained unfazed, engaging in light-hearted banter with the commenters.

A Debate on Authenticity and Quality

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The discussion also ventured into the territory of authenticity and quality of the meals.

One user criticized the appearance of the enchiladas, stating, “Those enchiladas look so foul,” and questioned their authenticity, suggesting they resembled Tex-Mex rather than traditional Mexican cuisine.

In response, he clarified that it was California-style Mexican food, which usually contains more cheese, and he had ordered without lettuce as it doesn’t reheat well.

Another user, identifying as a Latino living in South Texas, expressed offense at the meals being labeled as enchiladas, describing them as “nasty.”

Despite the criticism, he maintained a humorous tone, jokingly apologizing and noting the convenience and cost-effectiveness of his choice.

The Rise of Innovative Meal Prepping

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A growing trend has emerged where individuals are leveraging restaurant catering services to facilitate their meal prepping endeavors, as evidenced by a Reddit thread where users share their experiences and insights.

Many find this approach convenient and a stepping stone to cultivate the habit of meal preparation, especially for those at the nascent stages of this practice[1]. For instance, some users have utilized catering services to acquire trays of prepared foods, such as grilled chicken breasts, which serve as easy-to-assemble ingredients for their meal plans.

Notably, Qdoba offers bulk trays of proteins and toppings, a popular choice for creating a variety of dishes, including tacos, burritos, and salads. Moreover, Olive Garden has been highlighted as a reasonable source for trays of grilled chicken breast and Italian meatballs, which can be transformed into several delightful dishes.

Users also recommended exploring local grocery stores or conducting a Google search[2] to discover establishments catering to the fitness community, offering pre-made meals ready for refrigeration.

This trend signifies a shift in meal preparation habits and underscores the innovative ways individuals are adapting to maintain a balanced diet amidst their busy lifestyles.

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