$22 Taco from Taco Bell: “I expected this to be gross. But it’s actually so good.”

What happens when you combine every ingredient Taco Bell has to offer into one mega taco? TikToker Madison decided to find out, ordering a taco packed with every option on the menu.

The result? A towering $22 taco and a culinary experience that’s taken the internet by storm. Here’s the whole enchilada.

The $22 Taco

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Madison, known for her previous viral 12-hour dining stint at Golden Corral, recently shared her latest adventure, featuring a massive taco loaded with every available sauce, meat, and additional ingredient.

The video then transitions to Madison inside her vehicle, unveiling the gigantic $22 Taco Bell taco, complete with all the fixings. She exclaims,

“Here it is. This is the $22 taco from Taco Bell with every single ingredient on it—every sauce, every meat, everything. Hopefully, it tastes good, let’s see.”

After taking a bite, Madison offers her thoughts on the enormous taco, which some viewers have likened to a “taco salad.” She shares,

“Honestly, I expected this to be gross. But it’s actually so good. This may be my new go-to order at Taco Bell.”

Despite its imposing appearance and the presence of a “too spicy” hot sauce, Madison declares it surprisingly delicious, potentially becoming her new regular order.

Public Outcry

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The video has garnered over 42,000 views and 2,008 likes, with viewers discussing whether it resembles more of a “taco salad” and debating the value and practicality of the $22 taco.

One viewer remarked, “This is basically a taco salad.”

Some believed Madison could have gotten more bang for her buck with her $22 taco.


“Should’ve just gone to Chipotle for a bowl,” another suggested.

Navigating Nutritional Choices at Taco Bell

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Illustration. Image Credit: refrina/Shutterstock.

For people curious about how many calories are in the $22 taco from Taco Bell, there’s a way to figure it out! Taco Bell has a Nutrition Calculator tool that helps customers find the calories in their food. This tool lets you pick every item in your meal, tells you the calories, and even gives information about each ingredient at Taco Bell.

It’s beneficial for folks who want to monitor their calorie intake or know more about their eating. So, would you give this vast $22 taco, which has every ingredient you can think of from Taco Bell, a try? It’s certainly an unusual order and one that has every single available topping and filling piled in!

Ensuring a Balanced and Safe Meal

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Illustration. Image Credit: Eduardo Rgz/Shutterstock.

While indulging in a hefty taco with all available ingredients might be a fun adventure, it’s essential to be mindful of nutritional balance and safety warnings.

The State of California has issued warnings about certain foods and beverages that can expose consumers to chemicals like acrylamide in many fried or baked foods and mercury in fish, which are known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Therefore, while enjoying your meal, it’s crucial to be aware of such factors and perhaps consider a varied and balanced order to ensure you’re not overindulging in any particular ingredient that might have associated warnings or higher calorie counts.

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