23 Jobs Where People Might Think “You’re A Jerk”

Every profession has its heroes and villains. While most people in a job are dedicated and ethical, certain roles have garnered a reputation, rightly or wrongly, for being associated with challenging personalities.

Here’s a compilation of some professions that many people have had mixed experiences with.

1. Salespeople

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“Any job where you can steal customers from your colleague. salespeople can be one.”

In the bustling realm of sales, professionals often face immense pressure to meet targets. While many uphold integrity, a few might resort to aggressive tactics, even poaching clients from colleagues. This competitive edge, while sometimes effective, can tarnish the overall image of the profession.

2. 3rd Party Recruiters

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“False charm, constant lies, ghosting people, spamming, terrible attention spans, and an inability to simply read a darn resume to see what people actually do rather than just 1 keyword.”

Navigating the job market, 3rd party recruiters aim to bridge employers and potential candidates. However, some are criticized for their over-reliance on keywords, leading to irrelevant job matches. Their occasional lack of genuine engagement can leave candidates feeling undervalued.

3. Talent Agents and Managers

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“I work in entertainment. Talent agents and managers top the list, then some talent themselves.”

The glitzy world of entertainment isn’t without its shadows. Talent agents and managers are pivotal in shaping careers. Yet, stories abound of some prioritizing personal gains over their client’s interests, leading to strained relationships and mistrust in the industry.

4. Personal Trainers

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“Had this one incident where this trainer kept blatantly laughing at me whenever I did my next set of deadlifts and it honestly disheartened me so much. I already had some hesitancy in getting on the stage area because it was so out in the open. Don’t miss that particular place.”

A beacon of fitness and motivation, personal trainers inspire many. However, a few might lack sensitivity, occasionally mocking clients instead of uplifting them. Such negative encounters, though rare, can deter individuals from pursuing their health goals.

5. MLM Representatives on Social Media

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“MLM’s on Facebook. Girl I haven’t talked to since high school: ‘Hey girl!! Long time no talk! Guess how I’ve been losing weight?! You should try this product too!’”

The digital age has seen a surge in MLM representatives using platforms like Facebook. While some genuinely believe in their products, others employ aggressive sales tactics, often blurring the lines between personal interactions and business pitches.

6. Televangelists

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“‘Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.’ – Matthew 7:15”

Televangelists, with their charismatic sermons, reach millions globally. While many inspire faith, a segment has faced scrutiny for opulence funded by believers’ donations. This juxtaposition of spiritual guidance and material extravagance has sparked debates about their genuine intentions.

7. Surgeons

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“The cocky surgeons are the ones who take the biggest risks and feel the least amount of empathy when considering the potential consequences. Not to mention they crush the morale of their support team which can often psych them out at critical moments.”

The surgical world is a blend of precision and compassion. While many surgeons are lauded for their life-saving skills, a few might exude an aura of detachment. This duality—being a healer yet sometimes perceived as aloof—adds complexity to their professional image.

8. Paparazzi

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“The video where Tobey Maguire is trying to pull out of a parking garage but they’re blocking him in pretty much sums it up.”

Chasing the latest scoop, paparazzi are often the unseen eyes of the entertainment industry. Their relentless pursuit of candid celebrity shots can sometimes border on the invasion of privacy, leading to ethical dilemmas about personal boundaries in the quest for a headline.

9. Insurance Decision Makers

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“Was just on my way to get a CT scan because my doc says I need one and was called and told it was denied. Here we go again. Glad I’ve been paying these huge premiums for 20 years.”

Insurance decision-makers hold significant power. Their choices can bring relief or frustration to policyholders. While many decisions are based on policy guidelines, denied claims can paint them as unsympathetic, overshadowing the instances when they genuinely assist clients.

10. Attorneys & IRS Agents

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“I took one of those tests that tells what you should do for a living. It said I should be an attorney or an IRS agent, so clearly I am an a***ole.”

Law and taxation: fields where clarity meets complexity. Attorneys advocate for justice, but some might be seen as manipulative. IRS agents, ensuring tax compliance, can be perceived as daunting. Both roles, essential in society, grapple with misconceptions stemming from challenging interactions.

11. Call Center Supervisors

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“I would say call center supervisors, but they are snakes in the grass and it’s unfair to jerks to be compared to snakes in the grass.”

Overseeing the bustling environment of call centers, these supervisors ensure smooth operations. However, their role can be a double-edged sword. Balancing customer satisfaction with employee welfare, some might lean towards strict protocols, occasionally leading to perceptions of rigidity.

12. Life Coaches

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“‘Life Coach’ = burnt out d****/wannabe social media influencer.”

Life coaches offer guidance to those seeking direction. While many provide invaluable insights, a few, especially in the digital age, might prioritize online visibility over genuine mentorship. This shift can sometimes dilute the essence of authentic coaching.

13. Head Chefs

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“Head chef. I made it to sous before leaving ‘traditional’ kitchen work. They’re all f****** miserable unless they own the place and are so rich they can just pay someone else to do the work.”

In the heart of a kitchen, head chefs command culinary symphonies. Their passion is evident in every dish. Yet, the pressures of perfection can sometimes manifest as intensity, leading to challenging dynamics with their team, especially in high-stress environments.

14. Finance Professionals

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“Also finance bros. They’re all d*****bags.”

The world of finance is intricate. Professionals here navigate market ebbs and flows, advising clients on pivotal decisions. However, the competitive nature of the industry can sometimes breed an air of arrogance, especially among those who prioritize gains over ethics.

15. HR Personnel

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“There’s always a Bernice or Linda in HR who’s in everybody’s business but their own.”

Human Resources is the backbone of organizational well-being. While many in HR champion employee rights and welfare, there’s the occasional individual more attuned to office politics than genuine personnel concerns, leading to mixed perceptions.

16. Real Estate Agents

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“Real Estate agents. Idk why but I never feel like I can trust them.”

Real estate agents bridge dream homes with eager buyers. Their expertise can turn aspirations into reality. However, the competitive market can sometimes push a few to prioritize sales over genuine client needs, casting a shadow on the profession.

17. Influencers

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“Some of my friends have become influencers… and yeah they’re jerks lmao.”

In the digital realm, influencers shape trends and opinions. Their reach is undeniable, but the authenticity of some has been questioned. With the lure of sponsorships, a select few might prioritize brand deals over genuine content, blurring the lines between endorsement and personal belief.

18. Debt Collectors

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“I’ve had debt collectors calling my work phone for 6 years now, for the last guy who had the phone number (Gee, wonder why he changed it). Tried to explain to them a whole bunch of times that Michael’s not here, Michael gone.

Don’t know Michael. I have no interest in what happens to his credit score, and surprisingly, I have no number I can give them for this Michael I have never met or dealt with in my life.”

Tasked with retrieving owed amounts, debt collectors play a crucial financial role. Their persistence ensures economic fluidity. Yet, aggressive tactics employed by some can lead to them being perceived as unsympathetic, overshadowing the profession’s necessity.

19. Long-Term Military Personnel

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“They sacrificed a lot for their country, including their normalcy. From my experience, I have yet to meet a single career army man who isn’t a miserable, crusty, a***ole through and through, at work and at home. The job does it to you, and I’m not just talking about combat. The workplace culture turns people into a***oles. It’s a big reason I’m getting out.”

Dedication to duty defines long-term military personnel. Their sacrifices ensure national security. However, the rigors of extended service can sometimes harden individuals, leading to perceptions of them being overly stern or distant, especially in civilian interactions.

20. Family Business Employees

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“Yep, first generation starts the company, second generation grows it and makes it print money, third generation runs it into the ground.”

Working in a family business intertwines personal and professional realms. While many uphold the legacy with pride, perceptions of nepotism can arise, especially if roles seem to prioritize lineage over merit.

21. Funeral Home Directors

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“You have to be a little bit of a** to upsell the nice coffin to someone who is grieving too much to make responsible financial choices.”

Amidst the solemnity of grief, funeral home directors offer solace and organization. Their role, delicate and essential, ensures dignified farewells. However, balancing business with compassion can be challenging. Instances of perceived insensitivity or commercial focus can occasionally cloud the nobility of their profession.

22. CEOs

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“I’m pretty sure it’s actually proven somewhere there are more sociopaths in CEO and business than anywhere else”

At the helm of corporations, CEOs craft visions and steer organizational destinies. Their leadership can inspire innovation and growth. However, in an era where corporate ethics are under the microscope, some CEOs face scrutiny for decisions that prioritize profits over societal impact.

Business majors are more likely to have psychopathic tendencies than other students. They are more likely to deceive others for personal gain[1].

23. Advertising Professionals

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“Anyone in advertising. I totally get that society and business need it to function, but that doesn’t erase the greasy sheen of sketchiness around the emotional and psychological manipulation aspects of the industry.”

By crafting narratives that resonate, advertising professionals influence consumer choices. Their creativity drives brand stories. But in a world seeking authenticity, the line between persuasive storytelling and manipulation can sometimes blur, leading to debates about the true essence of advertising.

While these perceptions exist, it’s essential to remember that they are generalizations and not indicative of everyone in these fields.

It’s always best to approach each interaction with an open mind and not let a few negative experiences color our perception of an entire profession.

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