24 Things Boomers & Younger Generations Actually Agree On

With so many things changing in the modern world, it’s not uncommon to find oneself nodding in agreement with the sentiments of the boomer generation.

Younger generations share the everyday annoyances that make them say,

“I’m with the boomers on this one.”

1. The QR Code Menace

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QR codes have replaced traditional menus in many restaurants, a change accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. While they were introduced as a sanitary alternative, many find them impersonal and hinder the dining experience.

People argue that it disrupts the personal connection and the joy of exploring a physical menu together, turning the dining table into a space where everyone is absorbed in their own screens.

2. The Automated Customer Service Nightmare

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Automated customer service, including chatbots, has become frustrating for many consumers. According to a UJET survey, over 72% of respondents viewed interaction with a chatbot as a “complete waste of time.” Despite being adept at digital communication, the younger generation finds that chatbots increase their frustration level, with 80% affirming this in the survey.

Moreover, 78% were forced to seek human assistance after failing to resolve their issues through automated channels. This reflects a gap in the efficiency and effectiveness of automated customer service systems, which often fail to provide satisfactory solutions and can exacerbate issues by adding layers of complexity to the resolution process.

3. Sound Mixing in Movies and TV Shows

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The common complaint is that loud music and sound effects often drowned out the dialogue, forcing viewers to constantly adjust the volume. This issue is not just a boomer grievance; younger generations share this frustration, especially when watching content at home where the sound dynamics can greatly differ from a theater setup.

Some viewers have resorted to using speech enhancement modes on their audio systems or relying on subtitles to fully understand the dialogue.

4. Skyrocketing Concert Ticket Prices

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Concert tickets have become a luxury item, with prices skyrocketing to the point where they are equivalent to some people’s monthly rent. The pricing often depends on the artist’s popularity, with tickets for renowned artists going for hundreds to thousands of dollars.

The high prices are attributed to various factors including the artists, promoters, venues, ticket companies, and resellers, all aiming to profit.

5. The App Overload

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Millennials, the largest online audience globally, are grappling with app overload. They demand straightforward, honest, and user-friendly digital interfaces. Unprofessional designs, deceptive “dark patterns,” and non-functional animations are major turn-offs. They prefer concise content with modern fonts and quickly search for alternatives if a website fails to meet their expectations.

Moreover, mobile optimization is non-negotiable, given their constant smartphone usage. Businesses aiming to capture this market must prioritize transparency, especially in pricing, and offer efficient problem-solving tools like live chats and comprehensive FAQs.

6. The Joy of Unstructured Play for Kids

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The younger generation is championing the return of unstructured play for kids, a concept that fosters creativity and problem-solving abilities. This form of play, devoid of rigid rules, encourages children to explore and create, enhancing their cognitive and social skills.

It’s a call to let children be the architects of their games, nurturing their imagination and allowing them to learn through experiences in a playground or a quiet corner at home.

7. Built-in Obsolescence

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Built-in obsolescence is a business strategy where products are designed to have a limited lifespan, forcing consumers to replace them more frequently. This strategy contributes to environmental degradation through increased waste and is unsustainable and unethical.

8. Noise Pollution from Tablets in Public Spaces

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There is a growing disdain for parents who allow their children to use tablets at full volume in public spaces without headphones, considering it to be a sign of poor manners and lack of consideration for others.

Many people find the constant noise disruptive, hindering the peaceful enjoyment of public amenities and affecting their concentration during work or study.

9. Video-Only News Stories

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The trend of video-only news stories is not sitting well with the younger generation, who value the convenience and speed of reading news articles. They find videos to be time-consuming and often lacking in depth compared to written content.

Moreover, videos force them to consume news at a predetermined pace, taking away the flexibility to quickly skim through information.

10. Phones at Concerts and Events

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The prevalence of phones at concerts and events is seen as taking away from the live experience and creating a barrier between the audience and the performance.

Many are now advocating for a phone-free environment to fully enjoy the moment, urging peers to resist the urge to record every moment and instead be present and engaged.

11. The Social Media Menace

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Concerns over the unhealthy nature of social media and the unrestricted internet access granted to children are growing, with calls for more oversight and responsible usage.

Many people worry that it fosters unrealistic body image standards and exposes them to harmful content.

12. The Touchscreen Trouble in Cars

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Touchscreens in cars, while modern and sleek, are becoming a point of contention for younger drivers. They find these screens can be distracting and potentially unsafe as they require more attention compared to traditional buttons and knobs.

13. Restaurant Etiquette for Kids

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Younger individuals believe that teaching kids proper restaurant etiquette is essential. They feel it ensures a pleasant dining experience for everyone present. The emphasis is on parents to guide their children, teaching them to be respectful and considerate in public spaces, and fostering a generation that values and practices good manners.

14. The Joy of Physical Books

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Despite the digital age, the joy of reading physical books remains unmatched for many in the younger generation. They value the tactile experience of holding a book and the absence of screen glare that comes with e-books. There is a renewed appreciation for physical books, with many young readers cherishing the sensory experience and the connection to the tangible world it offers.

15. Parenting and Accountability

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The modern “my kid is never wrong” attitude among parents is criticized for fostering irresponsibility and entitlement, contributing to issues like teacher shortages.

They believe this lack of accountability fosters a generation with a skewed sense of entitlement.

Many young adults are calling for a return to responsible parenting, where children are taught the value of accountability and the importance of understanding the consequences of their actions.

16. The Rent Crisis

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The rent crisis is a pressing issue for the younger generation, who are finding it increasingly difficult to afford housing in urban areas. They criticize the skyrocketing rent prices, which are often disproportionate to the average income levels.

The call for affordable housing solutions and rent control measures is growing louder, with young people urging policymakers to address this pressing issue and foster a more inclusive housing market.

17. The Kardashian Phenomenon

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Anything associated with the word “Kardashian” is viewed critically, indicating fatigue with the constant media coverage and influence of the Kardashian family. While acknowledging their business acumen, many feel that overemphasizing their lives and activities fosters unrealistic expectations and standards.

18. Tattoo Regrets

tatooo dp9755377 1

A word of caution against getting face tattoos is shared, advising individuals to consider the long-term implications and potential regrets associated with such decisions.

The trend of face tattoos has surged, but it comes with a fair share of regrets.

While appreciating the art form, some increasingly recognize such tattoos’ permanence and potential career implications. Many advise caution, urging peers to carefully consider the long-term consequences before opting for face tattoos and promoting responsible tattooing practices.

19. The TikTok Oversight

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Many people are raising concerns over the lack of oversight on platforms like TikTok, where misinformation and harmful content can easily spread. They call for stricter regulations and monitoring to ensure the platform remains a safe space for all users. The demand for more responsible and ethical content creation and consumption is growing, with young users advocating for a more informed and conscious use of social media platforms.

20. The Weakness of Paper Straws

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The younger generation is caught in the paper straw debate, where environmental concerns meet user experience. While they appreciate the eco-friendly initiative, many find paper straws less functional, dissolving quickly and altering the taste of beverages. The discussion is steering towards finding a balance, possibly through innovations that offer both functionality and sustainability.

21. Gender Reveal Parties

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Gender reveal parties have escalated from simple gatherings to elaborate events, sometimes resulting in accidents and wildfires. Many question the necessity of such extravagant reveals, advocating for safety and simplicity. Many also argue for a move away from gender stereotyping, promoting inclusivity and understanding from the outset.

22. The Importance of Spelling

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In the digital age, the younger generation emphasizes the importance of correct spelling. They note that proper spelling conveys a message clearly and reflects one’s professionalism and attention to detail. Many urge peers to not rely solely on autocorrect features and to cultivate good spelling habits for effective communication.

23. Professional Email Etiquette

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Young professionals realize the importance of maintaining a professional tone in workplace emails. They advocate for clear and concise communication, devoid of slang and emojis, to convey respect and seriousness. Even the use of proper salutations and closings is becoming lesser, emphasizing the need to recognize the role of email etiquette in building professional relationships.

24. Participation Trophies

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Participation trophies are viewed as meaningless and a waste of resources, encouraging a shift towards recognizing genuine achievements instead of mere participation. They argue that these trophies can dilute the value of genuine achievement and foster a lack of motivation. The discussion leans towards encouraging real effort and recognizing true accomplishments, fostering a culture of merit over participation.

Be that as it may, it’s evident that the boomer perspective holds weight in today’s society. The grievances shared, ranging from technology woes to societal norms, resonate with many, transcending generational boundaries. It’s a reminder that in the midst of rapid advancements, some timeless values and preferences stand firm.

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