$31 Hospital Bill After 24-Hour Stay Abroad: ‘A band-aid literally costs more than $31 at a US hospital.’

A TikToker, Christian Grossi, sparked a significant online discussion about global healthcare costs after sharing his experience in Morocco. He collapsed from food poisoning and required overnight hospitalization.

Accustomed to the high healthcare costs in the United States, and without health insurance, Grossi braced himself for a substantial bill. To his astonishment, the total cost was a mere $31, and they only accepted cash.

This revelation, contrasting sharply with what he might have expected back home, ignited a heated debate on the internet about the stark disparities in healthcare costs worldwide.

The Incident

Christian shared his experience in Morocco, recounting, “I spent 24 hours in a Moroccan Hospital,” due to a severe case of “food poisoning.” He explained the ordeal, saying, “I started to feel really dizzy so I headed to the store right outside my Airbnb and when I walked outside I felt super ill and ended up passing out and collapsing on the sidewalk.”

Upon regaining consciousness, he found himself being assisted by four local men, with them pouring water over his head and speaking mostly Arabic, except for one word they all seemed to understand: “hospital.” Realizing he needed medical attention, Christian allowed them to transport him to the hospital, where he was “instantly admitted to the ER.”

In the hospital, he received “two separate IVs,” one with antibiotics and the other with anti-nausea medication. After passing out again, he woke up the next day to a nurse informing him he had medication in his system and could leave if he felt well enough.

Though he felt better, Christian was concerned about the hospital bill, especially since he didn’t have health insurance. However, to his surprise, after being wheeled out of the hospital, he received a bill amounting to only $31 US for his ER stay and “4 separate medications.” The hospital required payment in cash.

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Public Reaction

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Responders to Christian’s TikTok were astounded by the affordability of his medical care in Morocco, contrasting it sharply with costs in the United States:

One user emphasized the difference in healthcare priorities, stating,

“Proof that in America, healthcare isn’t about helping people or saving lives. It’s all about money.”

Another joked about the exorbitant costs in the U.S., saying,

“Bro waiting in the lobby of a US hospital would cost you 20k.”

Highlighting the stark contrast in expenses, someone else commented,

“that would have been $31,000 if you were in NYC.”

Pointing out the inflated costs of even basic supplies in the U.S., another user remarked,

“A band-aid literally costs more than $31 at a US hospital.”

Staying Safe From Food Poisoning While Travelling

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Image Credit: nelen/Shutterstock.

Traveling exposes individuals to many culinary experiences, often tempting tourists to indulge in local delicacies. However, this gastronomic adventure sometimes comes with the unwanted consequence of food poisoning. To mitigate this risk, travelers must practice vigilant hygiene by consistently washing hands or using sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol, especially before meals.

Emphasis is placed on the temperature of served foods; cold dishes should be served cold, and hot meals should be steaming hot to eliminate potential pathogens.

Consuming dry or packaged foods, which offer minimal environments for germ proliferation, is considered safer. When it comes to raw foods, the recommendation is to avoid them unless you can peel or wash them yourself with safe water. Street food, a popular choice for many travelers, poses risks and should be cautiously approached.

Additionally, certain wild game or “bushmeat” can be sources of diseases and are best avoided.

Hydrate Smart

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Photo Credit: fizkes/Shutterstock.

The journey doesn’t end with solid foods; your choice of beverages is equally crucial in preventing food poisoning. In regions where water quality is questionable, tap water — including ice made from it — should be avoided. Bottled or canned drinks are safer alternatives, though caution is advised as some vendors might tamper with the seals.

Hot beverages are safe if served at boiling temperatures, but caution should be exercised with additions like cream or lemon.

Alcohol, due to its content, generally wards off germs, but the same rules apply to mixers. For non-alcoholic options, pasteurized milk is safe, but any dairy left unrefrigerated or unpasteurized is not.

Regarding hydration, especially if symptoms of food poisoning manifest, solutions like Pedialyte or low-sugar Gatorade are recommended to prevent dehydration, avoiding high sugar content that can exacerbate symptoms.

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