Defying Age Stereotypes: 60-Year-Old Man’s Journey to Self-Discovery Reshapes Notions of Aging

When a person reaches their 60s, one would think they’ve had their lives made. The older adults seem like they have life figured out and have reached milestones that the younger ones are still trying to attain.

However, one Reddit user showed that reaching a certain age doesn’t mean you are set for life. Being in your 60s doesn’t mean you have life figured out. It doesn’t mean that you can’t start over. The OP (original poster) shares a confusing chapter of his life at a time he did not expect to experience at his age.

Divorcing to Discover Themselves

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The OP starts his story by sharing how he met his wife when they were both very young. She was 15, and he was 16. They fell in love and dated exclusively, then got married when OP was 22 years old.

The couple had two kids and raised them to be well-rounded adults. After 43 years together though, they decided to live their lives alone to “discover” themselves. The OP admits that he was fully on board with the idea at first, but is now struggling to start over this new chapter in his life.

Adulting Is Hard No Matter What Age

Eighteen months after the divorce, the OP is having a hard time living alone and figuring out his life. Financially, he has no problems. He still has the business he built in 1988, which his son now manages.

The OP did not establish strong friendships or start any hobbies because he was focused on providing for his family, especially his two sons, who are now adults living independently. After everything he built for himself, he did not expect to feel lost at a time when he could have slowed down and just enjoy retirement.

“Keep Going Out. Keep Exploring”

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Commenters on Reddit shared some insights and suggestions on what the OP could do to move forward. One pointed out that this kind of struggle is fairly common among people who got married at a young age because they never had the chance to explore or find themselves when they were in their twenties or thirties.

Another one advised the OP to not jump into any relationships quickly. Being in a couple may be something he’s used to, but it’s not the answer to all his confusion. “You need to step back and breathe.” It’s his time to get out and start anew.

Many others suggested activities that the OP can do, like joining meetup groups, taking classes, joining a gym, going to church, or any activity that allows him to interact with other people because “isolation will cause loneliness and depression.”

An Opportunity for Adventure

This new chapter in the OP’s life is not exactly a sad ending to one chapter of his life, but more of a hopeful beginning to a new one. “In a lot of ways, you get to be a kid again, with zero responsibilities and a steady but not infinite supply of cash for snacks and fun.”

With a lot of free time and fewer responsibilities towards his family, this time is a great opportunity to try, so many things the OP could have done when he was younger.

The New Chapter Unfolds

In an edit, the OP resorted to moving forward. Thanks to the outpour of support from the community, he decided that getting therapy to process his emotions properly would be a good idea. “Can’t say I’m not scared or confused, but one thing I do know; going back isn’t an option.”

Source: Reddit

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