7-Year-Old Child Receives Tattoo Without Parental Consent: ‘I’m mad & she’s not even my child’

When a TikTok user discovered a crudely drawn heart tattoo on her 7-year-old daughter’s leg, the internet’s alarm bells went off. The mother, whose shock and dismay are palpable in her viral videos, explains that the tattoo was done during a visit with the child’s paternal relatives—without her knowledge or consent.

This troubling incident has thrust the issues of consent, child safety, and parental rights into the spotlight, sparking fervent discussions and concerns over the legal and ethical implications of tattooing a minor. Here’s the full story behind this unsettling revelation.

The Question of Consent

In a revealing TikTok video, a mother shared a concerning story about her 7-year-old daughter getting a tattoo. Speaking directly to the camera, she recounted how her daughter called her to ask if she could get a tattoo. The camera then pans to the young girl sitting beside her mother.

The mother inquires, “Who idea was it for you to get a tattoo?” The daughter reveals it was her aunt’s suggestion. Probing further, the mother asks, “So she just offered to do you a tattoo? What’d she say?”

The child elaborates that her aunt inquired if she had her mother’s permission. The daughter and another young girl informed the aunt they hadn’t received permission. The mother, clearly trying to understand the situation, asks, “So you told her your mom said no, and what’d she say?”

“She said OK,” the young girl answers. The mother is visibly shocked when her daughter confirms that the aunt went ahead and tattooed her despite knowing she didn’t have permission. The daughter further reveals she was the first to get tattooed, and two other girls followed suit.

The mother’s concern deepens when she asks, “Did she change the needle?” The daughter shakes her head, indicating the needle wasn’t changed. The mother comments, “Luckily, you went first,” before showing viewers the tattoo – a crudely drawn heart on her daughter’s leg. The daughter confirms her aunt didn’t sketch the design first but “just did it.”

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The Unseen Dangers of Unprofessional Tattooing

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The TikToker faced another pressing question from viewers: how did her child end up under the supervision of someone who would irresponsibly tattoo multiple children with the same needle?

She clarifies that she was “trying to be a good mother” by letting her daughter spend time with her paternal relatives, considering she doesn’t have siblings or many friends her age. Coordination for these visits usually went through the child’s father, who is now in jail. Consequently, the daughter was left with her paternal grandmother, who entrusted her to her daughter, the child’s aunt.

However, the situation turned when the mother reached out to the authorities regarding the tattoo incident. She discovered that the aunt’s living conditions were far from stable.

Adding more context, the TikToker shares a segment of her discussion with the police, who were unsuccessful in tracking down the aunt. The officer informs her that the aunt doesn’t have a fixed address and was last spotted three weeks ago, squatting in a place now inhabited by others. This revelation underscores the precariousness of the aunt’s living situation and raises further concerns about the child’s welfare during the visit.

@newskii_soexotic24 PART 2 of my 7 yr old getting tatted! YES IM ANGRY YES I CALLED THE POLICE AND CPS #fypシ #viral #part2 ♬ original sound – Newskiinew24

Henna Pen

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In a follow-up TikTok video lasting 8 minutes, the mother elaborates on the unfolding drama, explaining that her daughter’s paternal grandmother started contacting her, initially denying the tattoo’s authenticity. The grandmother claimed it was merely a “henna pen” but later shifted her story, asserting that while the tattoo was real, the 7-year-old had used the tattoo gun on herself.

The mother displays her Instagram direct messages with the grandmother, who is visibly upset about the public social media discussions concerning her daughter (the aunt). The grandmother accuses the TikTok user, newskii_soexotic24, of fabricating the story and seems to have unleashed a series of vehement Facebook posts about her.

In response, the TikToker reveals that she commented on some of these posts, presenting pictures of the tattoo and justifying her decision to “snitch” because she doesn’t want other children to undergo a similar experience.

Seeking to clarify the situation, the mother then brings her 7-year-old daughter on camera to showcase the tattoo on her leg. She probes her about the grandmother’s assertions, all of which the young girl firmly refutes. The video captures the mother’s attempt to reach out to the grandmother via Instagram’s video call feature, but her calls go unanswered, adding another layer of complexity to the already convoluted situation.

Tattoo Regulations for Minors in the U.S.

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In the realm of body art, the United States presents a mosaic of laws governing the tattooing of minors. While the baseline age for legally acquiring a tattoo is 18, a tapestry of regulations exists. Some states offer exceptions for those below this age threshold, provided there’s informed parental consent. In these jurisdictions, the presence of a parent or guardian is a common requisite.

However, the industry imposes its own checks and balances, with a notable number of tattoo artists hesitating to ink individuals younger than 15 or 16, even in states where it’s permissible, primarily due to safety and ethical considerations.

This cautious approach isn’t solely about legal compliance; it’s also rooted in the societal perceptions and medical nature of tattooing. Lawmakers, often influenced by traditional viewpoints, impose age restrictions to maintain social norms, while also acknowledging that tattooing, akin to a medical procedure, carries inherent health risks.

Thus, stringent standards are enforced to mitigate concerns such as infections and disease transmission, ensuring that the decision to get a tattoo is made with an adequate level of maturity and understanding.

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