‘9 times out of 10 these are people that don’t tip’: Nightclub Bartender Shares Customer Pet Peeves

In a world where social media platforms are a hub for sharing experiences, a nightclub bartender, Jackie, recently took to the internet to share her “icks” or pet peeves about customer behaviors that she encounters during her shifts.

Here are the scenarios that Jackie finds less than pleasing.

Unpleasant Customer Behaviors

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Jackie, who shared her experiences through a video, highlighted several behaviors that irk her during her shifts.

One of the primary issues she pointed out is when a man brings a woman to the bar, orders drinks for both, but expects the woman to pay. This situation often leaves the woman surprised and uncomfortable as she is left to settle the bill unexpectedly.

Jackie remarked,

“These girls could get free drinks from 99% of the people in the room, and she just happened to pick the one idiot that just finessed her into buying him a drink.”

The Infamous Credit Card Tap

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Another behavior that Jackie finds annoying is when customers, usually men, tap their credit cards on the bar to grab her attention.

This act is often amplified if the card is a thick, metal American Express, which makes a distinctive noise when tapped on the bar. Jackie noted that this act is not only irritating but also quite unnecessary.

Requests for More Liquor

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Jackie also mentioned that some customers ask for more liquor in their drink after watching her make and serve it, without intending to pay for an extra shot.

This behavior is often accompanied by a lack of tipping, which adds to the frustration. Jackie emphasized,

“And nine times out of ten, these are the people who don’t tip.”

Spillage & Expectations of Free Refills

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A further annoyance comes from customers who spill their drinks and then expect to be served another one for free.

Jackie explained that expecting something for free usually results in getting nothing for free, highlighting the entitlement some customers exhibit.

Viewer Reactions & Comments

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The video sparked a series of comments from viewers who shared their thoughts and experiences.

Some commented on the first scenario, stating they would happily pay and take both drinks, while others expressed their annoyance at customers questioning whether the drink contains liquor even after watching it being poured.

The video has sparked a conversation about bar and nightclub etiquette, with many viewers sharing their own “icks”.

Online Forums: Other Pet Peeves

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In the Reddit thread, bartenders share their “icks” or pet peeves encountered in their profession. These include unsanitary practices like scooping ice with a glass and the misconception that syrups don’t expire, leading to mold in bottles.

The discussion also highlights the ill-treatment of barbacks, fostering a disrespectful work environment. Bartenders express frustration over the use of stale lime garnishes, which affects the drink’s freshness, and poor ticket management by servers, causing confusion and wasted efforts.

The thread underscores the need for hygiene, cooperation, and proper etiquette in the bartending industry, highlighting daily challenges faced by bartenders.

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