A Bride’s Nightmare: Experiences 70% Hair Loss Due to Treatment Disaster Just Weeks Before Wedding

In the weeks leading up to a wedding, the bride-to-be has many things to worry about – from finalizing the guest list to choosing the perfect flowers and music.

However, for Catherine Batista, an unforeseen disaster struck just three weeks before her big day, turning her joyous occasion into a nightmare.

The Unfortunate Salon Visit

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Catherine had been religiously undergoing a Japanese straightening treatment biannually in Brazil, where her grandmother resides.

Due to the time constraints of her upcoming wedding, she opted for a salon closer to her home in Boston, Massachusetts. This decision, unfortunately, led to a horrifying experience that she hadn’t anticipated.

During her visit to the new salon, Catherine noticed that the treatment was being applied differently than what she was accustomed to. The salon worker left the treatment on her hair for almost double the usual time.

Despite her reservations, she chose not to voice her concerns, trusting the expertise of the salon worker.

A Heartbreaking Outcome

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Catherine’s trust soon turned into regret as she witnessed a significant portion of her hair falling out in clumps after the treatment was washed out. “My entire head of hair was basically laying on the floor, like 50 to 70 percent of my hair,” Catherine recounted, holding back tears. The damage wasn’t just limited to hair loss; her scalp had also suffered significant damage, leaving her in a desperate situation with her wedding day fast approaching.

To find a solution, Catherine explored the possibility of using extensions. However, the extent of the damage was so severe that stylists were still determining if extensions would be a viable option.

Facing the grim possibility of having to wear a wig to her wedding, Catherine was at a loss for what to do next.

A Ray of Hope: A Stylist Steps In

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Amid this distressing situation, a beacon of hope emerged in the form of Alfredo Lewis, a hairstylist who came across Catherine’s story online.

Alfredo, who has previously worked with celebrities like Adriana Lima and Jane Fonda, contacted Catherine with an offer to help.

He proposed to start the rescue mission by sending Catherine some special treatment products to use at home to prep her hair.

Following this, he planned to meet her in person along with his team to try and restore her hair to its former glory. “I am willing to… as long as you live in the United States get you to us and make this happen,” Alfredo assured Catherine.

#duet with @Alfredo Lewis

A Race Against Time

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With the wedding day fast approaching, Alfredo and his team set a date to work on Catherine’s hair – August 29, 2023, in Las Vegas, a day before her wedding.

Alfredo ended his message with a reassuring “Help is on the way,” all eyes are on him and his team, with hopes riding high that they can fix Catherine’s hair before she walks down the aisle.

In this heart-wrenching tale of a bride-to-be’s ordeal, the community comes together to support her, showcasing the power of human connection and empathy in times of distress.

As everyone holds their breath, the countdown begins to see if Catherine’s wedding day can still be the joyous occasion it was meant to be.

@alfredo_lewis Replying to @Andrea Cline HAIR DISASTER UPDATE: Thanks to the algorithm I saw all of your tags and am in contact with @cat_batista and we will get her out to Vegas before her wedding to save her hair Stay tuned this is going to be a major wedding hair transformation

Legal Grounds to Sue a Hair Salon

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Visiting a hair salon is generally perceived as a relaxing experience, culminating in a satisfying result. However, instances occur where the visit turns disastrous, prompting the customer to contemplate legal action against the salon.

The reasons to sue can vary extensively, encompassing issues like scalp or eye injuries due to harsh chemicals, slip, and fall accidents due to unattended spills, minor cuts during haircuts, or even burned or damaged hair resulting from improper use of chemicals or tools.

It is indeed possible to sue a hair salon for negligence, especially when the damage is significant, and the client has experienced considerable distress or physical harm.

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