A Brunch Without Booze: Family Is Disappointed Because Woman Didn’t Inform Them There Wouldn’t Be Alcohol

A young woman decided to host a brunch at her new place, only to be met with unexpected reactions from her family, due to the lack of alcohol in the gathering. The absence of mimosas becomes the unexpected focal point of the day.

A New Home and a Warm Invitation

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A 22-year-old woman, freshly moved out, decided to invite her family over to her new place.

Given the distance and her family’s concerns about returning home late, she thoughtfully changed the dinner invitation to a brunch/lunch.

She went all out, ensuring a variety of options for her guests: from coffee, tea, juices, and smoothies to a lavish spread of eggs, bacon, sausages, salmon, French toast, waffles, and fresh fruit.

Where’s the Alcohol?

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While the hostess herself doesn’t consume alcohol due to medical reasons, she didn’t anticipate that this would become a point of contention.

Her brother expressed his disappointment over the absence of alcoholic beverages like mimosas or bloody marys. Even her mother chimed in, suggesting she could have brought some had she known.

Expectations and Assumptions

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The hostess was taken aback. She had several reasons for not including alcohol:

  • Medical Restrictions: She can’t mix alcohol with her medications.
  • Time of the Day: The gathering was at 1 p.m., not a typical time for drinking.
  • Safety Concerns: Considering her family would be driving back, she thought it best to avoid alcohol.

However, her brother felt differently. “My brother later told me that if he’d known there wasn’t alcohol he wouldn’t have come all that way and that I’m a b**ch for not communicating it.” He felt that she should have communicated this beforehand.

Some of her friends felt it was rude not to inform guests about the lack of alcohol, but they agreed that the brother was the a***ole.

Are Alcoholic Drinks Required or Expected During Brunch?

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One of the few socially acceptable times to drink in the morning is during weekend brunch. This trend of “bottomless” mimosas and bloody Marys at brunch is relatively recent, becoming popular around the late 1970s.

The rise of brunch boozing might be attributed to the decline of other morning drinking traditions.

While the history of brunch and its association with alcohol is rich and varied, it’s essential to understand that the modern brunch culture, especially in urban settings, often includes alcoholic beverages. However, this is not a universal expectation.

Cultural and Regional Expectations

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In many Western cultures, especially in urban settings in the U.S., brunch can often be associated with certain alcoholic beverages like mimosas, bloody marys, and bellinis. These drinks have become popularized in brunch spots, especially on weekends.

Brunch is as much about the food, company, and ambiance as it is about the drinks. Whether one chooses to indulge in a mimosa or stick to coffee is a matter of personal preference, and in many places or cultures, alcohol during brunch is neither common nor expected.

Personal Preferences

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Some people enjoy having an alcoholic beverage with their brunch, especially if it’s a leisurely weekend or holiday meal. Others might prefer to abstain, either due to personal choices, health reasons, or because they have plans or responsibilities later in the day.

Type of Gathering

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The expectation might also depend on the nature of the brunch. A casual brunch at someone’s home might not have the same expectations as a brunch at a trendy restaurant.

Similarly, a celebratory brunch, like a bridal shower, might be more likely to feature alcoholic beverages than a regular weekend gathering.

Host’s Preferences

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If someone is hosting a brunch, their preferences and lifestyle can influence the menu. For instance, if the host doesn’t drink alcohol, they might not serve it.

However, some hosts might choose to provide alcoholic options for their guests even if they don’t partake themselves.

While alcoholic drinks can be a feature of many brunches, they are by no means a requirement. It’s always a good idea to communicate with your guests or host about preferences and expectations to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience.

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