A Slice of Disappointment: Woman Shares Her Costly Cake Fail, with ‘Visible Holes’

Expecting a cake masterpiece for her fiancée’s company launch, TikTok user Karinne was left baffled by her custom cake order.

Instead of the elegant “BAKEUP” design she hoped for, what sat before her was a confusing confectionary mishap. Dive in to find out just how this cake calamity unfolded!

Really Cute Cakes

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Katie stumbled upon a bakery that showcased “really cute cakes” on their Instagram. Intrigued, she decided to reach out to them via DMs. The bakery, in response, asked Katie to provide reference photos to discuss the potential price range.

Notably, the bakery didn’t specify if the reference photos would also help them determine if they could actually create the desired cake.

Katie then sent two reference photos. One showcased a cake with a rainbow topper, while the other had a cake adorned with cute mushrooms on its side. Katie’s vision was to combine elements from both cakes into one unique creation.

She believed her request was reasonable, especially considering the bakery’s Instagram portfolio, which showcased a variety of intricate designs. She emphasized, “It’s not an outlandish request, according to their Instagram.”

Bake Up

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Katie had a specific vision for her cake. She wanted the word “BAKEUP” written on top, which is the name of her fiancée’s business. She expressed her trust in the bakery’s expertise, stating she “trusts their judgment for everything else.”

This is in stark contrast to the narrator’s personal approach, who humorously mentions ruling over cake designs with “an iron fist” and not trusting anyone else’s judgment.

From the reference photos Katie provided, the desired cake design seemed straightforward for a professional bakery. However, the end result was far from the expectation. The narrator humorously compares the cake’s appearance to something crafted in a third-grade art class.

The jest continues with a playful reference to the baker possibly wearing an “oversized men’s buttoned-up shirt” as a makeshift smock during the cake’s creation, reminiscent of children using old shirts as art smocks in school.

The overall tone suggests that the cake’s outcome was a significant disappointment, especially given the bakery’s showcased expertise on Instagram.

The Unfortunate Reveal

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Katie was excited to order a custom cake for a special occasion and was willing to pay the price for it. According to the direct messages she shared, a “custom 6 inch [cake] is $100 minimum,” and the price can increase based on any additional features. Katie ended up paying $150, expecting a cake that matched the examples she provided.

However, when the cake arrived, it was far from what she had envisioned. Not only did it look nothing like the examples she had sent, but it also had visible holes in it. To add to the disappointment, her requested mushrooms were replaced with odd star-like shapes.

The overall appearance of the cake was so poor that it looked as if it had been decorated by someone using their non-dominant hand. The result was a cake that was more of a disaster than a delightful treat.

Viewer’s Response

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Katie’s cake dilemma sparked quite a discussion in the comments section. While she briefly engaged with the commenters, she left many questions unanswered.

She pondered, “What should I do now? Do I reach back out oorrrrr?” seeking advice on her next steps.

A user said, “Please tell me this is not real! Where is this baker???”

Another one added, “You have to drop the bakery name though, save everyone else from heartbreak ”

Expectation vs. Reality

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Illustration. Image Credit: Krakenimages.com/Shutterstock.

In the world of baking and cake design, the gap between expectation and reality can sometimes be vast and, at times, hilariously disappointing.

Just as online shoppers anticipate a seamless post-purchase experience, cake enthusiasts, inspired by glamorous Instagram posts and baking shows, expect their ordered cakes to be masterpieces.

Katie Kelly’s cake ordeal is a classic example. She ordered an expensive cake to celebrate her fiancée’s new business, hoping for a design that mirrored the beautiful cakes showcased on the bakery’s Instagram. Instead, she was met with a creation that seemed more like a child’s Play-Doh project than a professional cake.

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