‘Ain’t no way’: Customer Reveals Shocking Scenes of Meat Theft by Customers

Recently, many grocery shoppers have grappled with the escalating prices of staple food items. This situation has increased instances where individuals shoplifting to meet their basic needs.

The Incident

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A user posted a video that has since gone viral, revealing an alarming incident in a Food 4 Less meat section. The video, which garnered over 18,000 views, showcases a stack of plastic-covered styrofoam trays cut open and emptied of their contents.

The caption accompanying the video reads,

“Ain’t no way,” highlighting the disbelief at the extent of the theft.

The package sticker indicated that at least one stolen item was a ribeye steak priced at $5.62.

Public Reaction

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Interestingly, the incident did not surprise many viewers, with a significant number even sympathizing with the perpetrator. The high food prices have led to a situation where many individuals find it hard to keep food on the table, and as one viewer noted, “When food becomes an issue, people have an issue.”

Another added,

“This is BS I know there trying to feed themselves or kids but it still raises the prices on already high prices.”

The reactions ranged from empathy for the thief, with some sharing personal anecdotes of resorting to similar measures during tough times, to humor, with others making light-hearted comments about the empty meat containers.

Who’s Stealing These?

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In the Reddit post titled “Who is stealing these??” from the r/walmart subreddit, users engage in a candid discussion about the prevalent issue of meat theft in grocery stores, particularly focusing on high-value items like prime rib. The conversation  revolved around the noticeable trend of high-value meats like prime rib targeted frequently by shoplifters.

The community shares their observations, noting tactics such as label swapping at self-checkout counters, a deceitful maneuver to bypass the system. To counteract this, stores have implemented stringent security measures, including spider wraps on items priced over $50, essentially putting a ‘lock’ on the meat.

This thread highlights the escalating issue of theft in grocery stores and paints a broader picture of the economic hardships individuals might be facing, leading them to resort to such desperate measures.

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