‘PSA: CLEAN YOUR FILTERS’ Airbnb Guest Can’t Handle Stuffy House, Fixes It Himself

A guest’s Airbnb stay took an unexpected turn when he dealt with a broken air conditioner. Not one to suffer in the heat, he took a DIY approach: he diagnosed the issue, dashed to Walmart for supplies, and fixed the AC independently.

Talk about a proactive traveler! Want to know how he did it? Let’s get into the details.

A Proactive Approach

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Honest Pro A/C & Heating, a California-based air conditioning company, shared a video. In the video, an AC technician staying at an Airbnb took action when the house wouldn’t cool down. He first took a photo of the AC vent and then contacted the host.

Upon inspection, he discovered the culprit: a grimy air filter.

To address the issue, the technician made a late-night run to Walmart at 9:30, where he bought a new filter. He showcased the stark difference between the old, gray, and dusty filter and the pristine new one. After installing the new filter, the house’s temperature dropped to a chilly 65 degrees.

He ended his video with a piece of advice for his viewers, stating in the caption,

“PSA: CLEAN YOUR FILTERS!! it feels like the arctic in here now.”

@honestproair PSA: CLEAN YOUR FILTERS!! it feels like the arctic in here now
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Public Reaction

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The video quickly gained traction, racking up 3.3 million views by Sunday. Many viewers were quick to suggest that the content creator should bill the host for the maintenance work they did.

“Better have sent them an invoice,” one viewer commented.

“Now bill them $300 for time and parts,” another echoed.

Interestingly, several viewers shared their own experiences or those of people they knew who had taken similar actions in the past.

“The amount of times we’ve stayed at hotels and if the ac isn’t working my dad would just casually fix it like it’s nothing,” a user shared.

Another added,

“Yup! I changed a filter at an Airbnb that looked like it hadn’t been changed in a year.”

AirBnB’s Advice

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Airbnb advises against guests trying to fix any damage they might cause during their stay. The platform states,

“Accidents are rare, but they happen. If you, someone you invite, or a pet are responsible for damage during a stay, let your Host know right away.”

They suggest communicating with the Host through the Airbnb website or app for documentation purposes. Providing photos of the damage is also recommended.

Optimizing Air Quality with Proper AC Maintenance

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During hot and humid conditions, the need to stay cool is paramount. If your air conditioner isn’t cooling efficiently, the filters are often the first place to check. These filters have a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) that indicates their ability to trap particles.

The higher the MERV value, the more contaminants the filter can trap, leading to improved air quality. However, it’s crucial to either clean or replace these filters routinely to prevent the buildup of mold and allergens.

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends cleaning or replacing the filters every one to two months, especially during the peak usage seasons. Introducing fresh outdoor air into your home can also enhance ventilation.

Regular maintenance of your air-conditioning system ensures it works at its best, protecting inhabitants from potential health hazards.

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