Applebee’s Patrons Struggle to Finish 50 Wings During $12.99 All-You-Can-Eat Special

In recent times, Applebee’s has been making waves with its $12.99 all-you-can-eat wings and fries special. This offer is a haven for food enthusiasts eager to get the most bang for their buck, especially considering the rising prices since early 2021.

The Challenge Begins: A Viral Sensation

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The attempt to consume as much food as possible in one sitting is familiar. This trend continues to grow, from Joey Chestnut breaking hot dog-eating records to YouTubers uploading videos of their food challenges.

The Applebee’s unlimited wings offer has become a stage for many to showcase their eating prowess, with videos going viral on various social media platforms.

A pair known as Kayla & The Don took to social media to document their experience. Kayla started her meal with the garlic parm flavor wings, which she enjoyed.

The Don, however, had a less satisfactory experience with his initial choice of “Spicy Honey … Something” flavor, indicating a desire to try a different flavor next time.

Despite their valiant efforts, Kayla tapped out after consuming 12 wings, while The Don managed to eat a whopping 38 wings.

A Second Round: Pushing the Limits

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Not to be deterred by their first attempt, Kayla & The Don returned for a second round. Kayla managed to eat 30 wings this time, and both eagerly awaited more by their session’s end.

Their adventures have inspired others to try and maximize the value of the unlimited wings and fries combo, with some even resorting to sneaking in Tupperware containers to take some of the feast home.

The Downside: Quality Concerns

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However, the promotion’s popularity has a downside. Some patrons have reported receiving what appeared to be low-quality wings, with one person likening them to Dollar Tree chicken nuggets doused in sauce.

There are also claims of servers resorting to cutting up chicken strips to masquerade as wings when the demand exceeds supply.

The Management Steps In A Necessary Intervention

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The Unlimited Wings particular has led to some unforeseen situations, including interventions by Applebee’s management. In one instance, a group of young individuals were asked to stop ordering after consuming many wings.

Another customer reported being capped at 28 wings and three beverages, with the waitress taking away his fork to prevent further orders. In extreme cases, some outlets had to discontinue the promotion temporarily due to running out of wings.

Applebee’s Eat All You Can Wings – A Mathematical Perspective

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In a Reddit post, users engaged in a lively discussion about the economics of Applebee’s all-you-can-eat boneless wing special priced at $12.99. One user broke down the potential costs for Applebee’s, estimating that the food, labor, and overhead costs for 12 wings amount to $10.80, leaving a profit of $2.20.

As customers consume more wings, the profit margin decreases, turning into a loss at 18 wings consumed, with Applebee’s losing $3.20. Another user humorously suggested eating 50 pounds of wings to ensure the company incurs a loss, while also enjoying a couple of $2 margaritas, albeit with a cautionary note on the potential health risks involved.

When Does Applebee’s All You Can Eat Wings End?

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Applebee’s has reintroduced their popular All You Can Eat Boneless Wings offer, allowing guests to enjoy an unlimited feast of boneless wings with a choice of six savory sauces and flavors for only $12.99.

This limited-time offer is accompanied by the introduction of new $5 Sunshine Sips, featuring two new cocktails: the Electric Long Island Iced Tea and the Tipsy Sunset. These cocktails are garnished with a lemon sugar rim and available for $5 each.

The boneless wings are served with endless classic fries, signature coleslaw, and Bleu cheese or house-made buttermilk ranch dressing. Joel Yashinsky, Chief Marketing Officer at Applebee’s, emphasized that this offer provides great value and a variety of flavors that cannot be found elsewhere. This promotion is available for dine-in only and the price and participation may vary.

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Applebee’s, a popular chain restaurant, offers an all-you-can-eat special for boneless wings. This promotion has been a hit among many, but a recent event took it to a whole new level.

A college student named Kevin and his friends decided to take full advantage of this offer, and their endeavor left everyone, including the staff, in sheer disbelief.

Applebee’s Staff Reveals How They Handle ‘Endless’ Boneless Wings Shortage

Applebees Staff Reveals How They Handle Endless Boneless Wings Shortage
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Applebee’s, a popular dining chain, has a special promotion that many of its customers eagerly await each year: the All You Can Eat Boneless Wings season.

For a mere $12.99, patrons can indulge in unlimited plates of boneless chicken wings, choosing from a variety of six sauces.

These include classic buffalo sauce, honey BBQ, sweet Asian chili, garlic parmesan, extra hot buffalo, and honey pepper. To sweeten the deal, the promotion also offers unlimited fries. However, this tempting offer is available only for a limited duration and at select locations.


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