‘As a closer this breaks my heart’ Starbucks Night Shift Worker Reveals the Chaos Left Behind

In a viral video, a night shift worker at Starbucks reveals the chaos left behind by the morning shift.

The counters are cluttered with dirty cups, milk cartons, crusty syrup stands, sticky surfaces, unfinished beverages, spills, and more. The sinks are clogged and filled with dirty dishes, blenders, and foamy white liquids.

The frustrated barista says nobody will if he doesn’t clean up the mess. This situation highlights the disparity between morning and night shift workloads, with night shift workers often having to clean and restock in addition to their regular duties.

Frustrations Voiced

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Many viewers related to the barista’s frustrations, sharing their own experiences of working within the service industry and having to clean up after the morning crew.

Comments included sentiments like being tired of doing everyone’s job and the additional stress affecting mental health and leading to burnout:

“I worked at a Starbucks is target I feel this I had to leave because it got so bad for my mental health and I got burnt out” and “As a closer this breaks my heart!!! ”.

Some viewers argued that night shift workers should be paid more since they must clean the entire store.

Sympathy from Morning Shift Workers

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Even those working morning shifts expressed sympathy, unable to understand leaving such a mess behind.

Some shared their commitment to not leaving a mess for others to clean up, highlighting the importance of consideration and teamwork in the workplace.

Impact on Mental Health

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The additional stress in an already high-paced environment has affected the mental health of many workers.

Some shared their experiences of having to leave their jobs at Starbucks due to the severe impact on their mental health, emphasizing the importance of addressing these issues for the well-being of the employees.

Enhancing Mental Health Support

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Starbucks is taking significant steps to bolster mental health initiatives for its employees. The company announced these changes at the Starbucks’ Leadership Experience conference, the first since 2014.

One major initiative is mental health, with Starbucks hosting two sessions during the meeting and planning more resources.

The employee assistance program provides short-term counseling to all U.S. employees and will be enhanced with input from employees and mental health experts.

Starting in the second quarter, Starbucks store managers will undergo training inspired by Mental Health First Aid, a program that educates individuals on assisting someone with a mental illness.

Partnerships with organizations like the Born This Way Foundation and Team Red White & Blue aim to tackle the stigma around mental health.

Additionally, employees in the U.S. and Canada will have access to subscriptions to Headspace, an app offering guided meditation, by January.

Modernizing Operations & Customer Interaction

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To modernize operations and enhance customer interaction, Starbucks is also automating, reducing, or eliminating additional weekly tasks, freeing up more time for employees to engage with customers.

The automation includes digital schedule creation and inventory automation of to-go items, eliminating the need for manual counting multiple times a day.

This move is part of Starbucks’ ongoing plan to shift “remedial tasks” to be completed after closing, allowing employees to focus more on customer service during operational hours.

The company is also launching a global coffee academy in partnership with Arizona State University, offering online classes to employees and customers eager to enhance their coffee knowledge.

Despite a weaker-than-expected forecast for fiscal 2020 earnings, Starbucks emphasizes that consumer connection is at an all-time high, and operating momentum continues.

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