‘As a former barista, I get both sides’ Starbucks Barista Speaks Out Against Customers Ordering Caramel Macchiatos “Upside Down”

Recently, the gap between Starbucks customers and employees has been a hot topic of discussion on various online platforms.

Both groups are keen to share their experiences, whether highs or lows, from their regular interactions at the coffee shop.

The Upside Down Order Phenomenon

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A Tiktoker, better known as Anthony, has decided to educate viewers about a particular trend where customers order their caramel macchiatos “upside down,” a term that seems to be causing some confusion.

According to Anthony, this order is a vanilla latte with a caramel drizzle. He portrays a hypothetical conversation between a barista and a customer through a video, where he plays both roles.

The employee tries to explain to the customer that the drink she is ordering is similar to another beverage on their menu, just with an additional caramel syrup drizzle.

“No, ma’am, I don’t think you understand like a caramel macchiato upside down is a vanilla latte with caramel drizzle.”

However, the customer did not take this information well and said,

“Okay, that’s cool. You know the drink and all that? Um, no, but I always order the caramel macchiato upside down, and they just give it to me.”

Public Reaction

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The video has sparked various reactions from viewers, some of whom are baristas. They expressed their frustrations with the trends that find their way into the coffee shop, many popularized online.

One commenter noted the confusion with “upside down” orders, advising against ordering food or drinks this way if one does not understand the concept fully.

Another viewer pointed out that some customers seem more interested in the sticker’s label for a picture than the actual drink. A further user labeled this trend as “pretentious nonsense.”

A third added,

“As a former barista, I get both sides. It’s cheaper to order as a caramel macchiato upside down, not to mention that the recipe is slightly different”

Benefits of the Upside Down Order

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Despite the criticisms, some viewers acknowledged that there might be some benefits to ordering a caramel macchiato this way.

One person mentioned that it is cheaper and easier to ring up and order.

Another noted that this method results in less vanilla in the beverage, with a third adding that the vanilla syrup is already included, making it less complicated to order.

Online Forum

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In a Reddit post on the r/starbucks subreddit, user juicyspitwater humorously asserts that an “upside-down caramel macchiato” is essentially a vanilla latte with caramel drizzle on top, a stance they firmly stick to. This sparked a lively discussion among users, exploring the evolving preferences in how this beverage is enjoyed.

Some noted the trend began to mimic the experience of sipping a hot version of the drink, with variations including changing the order of the shots added.

Others highlighted a cost benefit in ordering the drink this way. The thread reflects the dynamic customer preferences and the camaraderie in the Starbucks community.

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