Bartender Handles Non-Paying Customer Brilliantly: ‘You Handled That So Well’

Behind the bustling bars of Nashville’s famous Broadway street lies a world where bartenders face many challenges, from mixing cocktails to managing customers.

Jemima June is known for offering a rare glimpse into this world, and her ingenious solution to dealing with unpaying customers has left social media buzzing with respect for her profession.

In a captivating video, she narrates a scenario where a customer’s card declines and her quick thinking saves the day.

Navigating a Tricky Situation

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Declined Cards Drama: Jemima June shares an all-too-familiar situation for bartenders.

A customer orders shots, but his card declines when she attempts to charge him. Undeterred, she asks if he provided the correct card, and he hands her another one, downing the shots before she can swipe.

To her dismay, the second card also declines, and the bartender finds herself in a predicament. Determined, she tells the customer,

“Well, I need $27 right now because you already took the shots.”

The Liquor Count

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The video’s text overlay explains the unique challenge bartenders face. In establishments like the one where June works, they maintain a “liquor count,” meticulously tracking every drop of liquor.

When customers don’t pay for the drinks they consume, bartenders are left to cover the cost themselves, which can be financially burdensome.

A Bold Move

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Faced with a customer who couldn’t provide payment, June made a bold move. She asked for his wallet, believing that holding onto it would ensure he returned with the money he owed. “Go get me $27, and I’ll give you your wallet back,” she asserted, all while more customers lined up at the bar.

Her decision reflected her resourcefulness and her determination to let the customer escape with settling his tab.

The Consequences of Not Settling a Bar Tab

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In a real-life incident that underscores the importance of settling one’s bar tab, Robert Thomas Moroni faced severe consequences for his actions. After allegedly attempting to skip out on an $89 bar tab at 10th Mountain Whiskey in Vail Village, Moroni found himself in a series of escalating events ¹.

The bartender, hoping to resolve the situation amicably, called the Vail Police Department, expressing that he would be content if Moroni simply settled his outstanding bill.

However, when approached by the police, Moroni claimed he had neither cash nor credit cards with him, suggesting he intentionally left them behind to limit his drinking. He even provided a false name and stated he was from North Carolina.

When asked to settle the bill, Moroni offered to return to his hotel to get the money, but the police insisted he call someone to bring it to him. This led to a heated argument, during which Moroni tried to snatch the officer’s phone and subsequently launched into a tirade filled with profanities.

Things Escalated Quickly

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The situation took a turn for the worse when Moroni spat multiple times in an officer’s face and even resorted to racially-based slurs. He was swiftly arrested, and while in custody, it was discovered that he had also attempted to steal a $30 cap and had provided a false identity. Ultimately, Moroni’s wife settled the bar tab.

For his actions, Moroni was sentenced to 30 days in jail and ordered to pay $3,289 in fines and court fees. Additionally, he was placed on probation for four years.

This incident, captured by a town of Vail security camera, serves as a stark reminder of the potential legal and financial repercussions of not settling one’s dues.

A Resonating Experience

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The video struck a chord with viewers, drawing praise from fellow users who commended the bartender for her deft handling of a challenging situation.

Many recognized the high-pressure nature of her job and empathized with her predicament. Stating:

Being a bartender in a busy bar like that seems like the most stressful job ever.

Viewers also agreed that June should not be help liable:

I feel like under no circumstances should YOU be responsible for paying the difference

Which another backed up:

You handled that so well although it’s messed up that the business expect you to cover the costs

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