Bestie Neighbors Installs a Unique “Bar” Fence

You know how we keep hearing about neighbors not getting along in this social media age?

Like, someone’s tree is dropping leaves in another’s yard, or someone’s playing loud music at 2 AM. Yeah, it’s all over our feeds.

Bestie Hangouts

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But guess what? Not all neighbor stories are about drama. Some are downright heartwarming! Like these two neighbors, I heard about.

Instead of getting all worked up over small stuff, they did something super cool. They put up a “bestie bar” fence between their houses.

Yep, you heard that right! It’s like a little hangout spot right on the fence. Talk about neighbor goals, right? It just shows that there’s always room for a little more friendship and fun in the neighborhood!

From Neighbors to Best Friends

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In a video shared on July 4, 2023, creator Jodes revealed how he and his neighbor decided to elevate their bond.

Instead of a regular fence, they envisioned something more: a “bar fence.” As the video unfolds, viewers witness the step-by-step process of this unique project. The caption aptly states, “Bar fence > regular fence.”

The video showcases the meticulous process:

  1. Cutting the Fence: The initial step involves cutting the fence in half.
  2. Reinforcing the Structure: The fence is reinforced to ensure stability.
  3. Detaching the Fence from the Post: This step is crucial to transform the fence into a bar.
  4. Adding Hinges: A power tool attaches hinges, ensuring the bar can be lifted or laid flat.

The result is a wooden bar fence that can be laid flat or propped up. To ensure it remains in place when not in use, chains are added on both ends.

The video concludes with the two friends enjoying a cold beverage together on their side of the fence.

The Internet Reacts

Bestie Neighbors Installs a Unique Bar Fence
Image Credit: TikTok @thejodes_.

The innovative “bar fence” idea has resonated with many online users. Comments range from admiration for the project to individuals expressing a desire for a similar bond with their neighbors.

One user humorously remarked, “There were like seven seasons of Home Improvement, not sure how this never happened.”

Another suggested, “Super cool! Now all you need are some bar stools.”

A third added, “This is neighbor goals fr ”

A netizen reacted and said, “God, I wish I didn’t hate my neighbors, must be nice!”

Given the duo’s evident passion for home improvement, it wouldn’t be surprising if this “bestie bar” is just the beginning of their inventive endeavors.

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