Her Birth Mother Put Her Up For Adoption & Told Everyone She Was Stillborn

Bringing a new life into the world is a remarkable journey, where some experience overwhelming joy and contentment while others may feel anticipation or fear. The hardships of giving birth go beyond the physical challenges, encompassing the emotional turmoil of deciding whether to keep the baby or explore other options.

It is a deeply personal and complex process that requires careful consideration, such as personal circumstances, financial stability, and the child’s well-being.

A recent video has captivated viewers with a narrative that uncovers the heartbreaking revelation in her adoption story.

With courage and vulnerability, Alicia shares the difficult truth about her birth mother’s decision to inform friends and family that she was stillborn when in reality, she was placed for adoption.

A Heartbreaking Revelation

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In the video, @aliciamaeholloway reveals,

“I was adopted, but my birth mother told all of her friends and family that I was a stillborn.”

“And most of them still have no idea that I even exist today.”

Alicia reveals a personal truth about her birth mother. When she met her birth mother on the day she turned 18, her birth mother revealed a memory from her past when she told her friends and family that Alicia was stillborn and how they offered their condolences.

She explains,

“Her brother, who was actually a 9/11 responder, and a lot of other family and friends of hers literally filled the room with flowers, balloons, sympathy cards, etc.”

Those significant people came together to offer their support and comfort to Alicia’s birth mother. Unbeknownst to what really happened, they shared their sorrow and grief with Alicia’s mother.

Little did they know that the life they mourned was not a complete loss but had instead been entrusted to another family.

The Silent Struggle

Alicia questioned whether she had ever felt bothered by the fact that those individuals believed in something that was not true.

She asks,

“Did that not bother you? Because, you know, they’re believing something that’s not the truth.”

In response, her birth mother candidly admits,

“No, it didn’t. Because I really did feel like I lost you.”

This really shows that the birth mother had mixed emotions and felt a profound sense of loss. It’s like, even though Alicia wasn’t stillborn, her birth mother still went through the pain of losing a child as Alicia was being raised by someone else.

While some may struggle to comprehend the birth mother’s decision to lie. Adoption often evokes intense feelings of loss, guilt, and conflicting emotions for all parties involved.

Viewer’s Mixed Emotions

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The TikTok video has sparked curiosity to viewers sharing their thoughts in the comment section. Many have expressed sympathy for Alicia and her birth mother, acknowledging the pain and missing connection that adoption can entail.

One commenter said, “The sad part of that conversation for me would be that if she had told the truth, no one would have had sorry cards for her losing out on her baby.”

Another viewer’s comment adds further depth to the emotional impact of the revelation. They share, “I was almost really mad at her. But then I was just heartbroken. She’s right, she did lose you, just not in the way they thought.”

This response encapsulates the conflicting emotions stirred by the birth mother’s deception.

The comments from different people show that they have mixed emotions, given the complicated situation.

The birth mother is dealing with her own feelings of loss while also trying to navigate the web of deception.

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