The Boomer Effect: Why They’re Not Retiring & What It Means for the Workplace

There’s a major benefit to having different generations in the workplace. Having a workforce composed of multigenerational individuals allows for a broader array of approaches and expertise. Their differences lead to building and polishing strategies that speak to a wider audience that bring more business to the company.

On the other hand, this advantage teeters by the edge, and could easily fall and turn into a disadvantage. Multigenerational conflict is a real thing and it causes a lot of tension among colleagues with age gaps

The Generation That Needs to Retire Already

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A Reddit user recently aired their frustration about the boomer generation in their workplace who are still hanging around. In the post, the OP (original poster) says that some Boomers refuse to retire despite being already at the age of retirement.

The Baby Boomer Generation or more commonly referred to as Boomers are those born between 1946 to 1964.

In the OP’s post, the Boomers described are those who have an “outdated mindset” and “trouble remembering things.”

In the US, the full retirement age is 67 ¹ years old, so the older Boomers already qualify. The younger Boomers are also eligible for retirement but, they are entitled to a reduced benefit if they stop working before their full retirement age.

Why Boomers Refuse to Retire

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In a report by Gallup ²,

“Nearly half of Boomers still working say they don’t expect to retire until they are 66 or older, including 1 in 10 who predict they will never retire.”

While the younger generation yearns for the day they can finally stop working and just enjoy the fruit of their labor, the boomer generation is not in any hurry to leave the workplace. This is due to financial reasons.

The Boomer generation was “carrying too much debt, saving too little, and relying heavily on Social Security to retire comfortably,” according to the report. Aside from that, working helps them stay active and gives their life purpose.

The Younger Generation’s Woes

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In the Reddit post, the OP mentioned that the Boomers were “actively getting in the way of making my workplace better.” If they didn’t want to leave, the OP at least expects them to sit there “like a log and collected a paycheck.”

Many commenters also shared the frustrations of the OP because they have experienced similar situations in the workplace.

One user said that the Boomers complain way too much about the younger generations not having loyalty to the workplace. But, they leave because Boomers are in the way of “upwards mobility.” The younger ones can’t get promoted while higher positions are still filled.

Another commenter argued that the different work ethics causes conflict in how work is done, especially if the older generation sticks to their old style of doing things.

“I don’t think they quite grasp how even more bossy and bullying the Boomers were at the turn of the century in professional environments.”

Bridging the Gap

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 The Boomer generation is still largely present in the workforce. If their decision to stay is by choice or out of necessity, it doesn’t mean that the workplace is doomed to be a miserable one for the younger colleagues.

The older ones still have skillsets and expertise that can be beneficial. The key is to meet halfway, leveraging the experiences of Boomers, and the new ideas of the younger ones.

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