New York Kids Are Different: ‘Bougie’ Lemonade Stand on a New York City Stoop

Amidst the hustle and bustle of New York City, a young entrepreneur is rewriting the rules of the classic lemonade stand. In a captivating video, a young girl’s unconventional lemonade stand has stolen the spotlight, captivating the hearts of all who watch.

This lemonade stand is anything but typical.

The Boujie Lemonade Stand

Thats a hustlaaaaa Viewers Amazed by ‘Bougie Lemonade Stand on a New York City Stoop
Image Credit: TikTok @swirl.ceramics.

The video displays the young girl serving two small children looking for refreshing beverages from her lemonade stand set up in front of her stoop.

The creator of the video humorously captions the post, “boujie a– lemonade stand had me cackling,” highlighting the extraordinary nature of the lemonade stand.

The overlay text in the video reads, “New York kids are different,” emphasizing the uniqueness and boldness of the young entrepreneur.

Impressive Bartending Skills

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Image Credit: santypan/Deposit Photos.

Viewers were charmed by the girl’s entrepreneurial spirit and impressed by her adept bartending skills. She confidently handles the cocktail shaker, knowing the trick to separate it, and confidently hits the tin.

Comments from viewers included praises for her skills and jokes about her being a “mixologist in training.”

The young girl’s expertise and confidence in handling the cocktail shaker left a memorable impression on the viewers, showcasing her natural talent and potential for future ventures.

Community Reactions

shock ss635351060
Image Credit: Antonio Guillem/Shutterstock.

The community’s reaction to the video was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their admiration for the girl’s energy, initiative, and brand identity.

Comments ranged from viewers expressing amusement to others sharing their experiences with lemonade stands.

One commenter humorously noted,

“I know she has that card reader that asks for a tip,” highlighting the girl’s forward-thinking approach to her lemonade stand.

Another one added, “‘That’s a hustlaaaaa.” The poster replied, “Starting at 25%,” adding humor to the conversation.

Starting a Lemonade Stand: A Learning Journey for Kids

lemonade stand dp294296898
Image Credit: NewAfrica/DepositPhotos.

A lemonade stand is more than a simple business venture for children; it’s a comprehensive learning experience. Kids learn the basics of business, marketing, and finance and develop essential life skills.

Parents play a significant role in this entrepreneurial journey by providing guidance, encouragement, and resources. They help children understand the value of hard work, perseverance, and financial management.

Starting a lemonade stand teaches children about responsibility, creativity, and confidence. They learn to manage inventory, handle money, ensure customer satisfaction, and interact with various customers, boosting their self-esteem and communication skills.

Benefits & Planning of a Lemonade Stand

lemonade stand dp150258294
Image Credit: Rawpixel/DepositPhotos.

The benefits of starting a lemonade stand are manifold. Children enhance their entrepreneurial skills by learning about financial management, marketing, and communication.

They understand the importance of choosing a strategic location with high visibility and foot traffic for their stand, ensuring more customer attraction and sales.

Designing an attractive stand, deciding on a diverse menu, setting appropriate prices, and creating a budget are other crucial aspects children learn about.

The Lemonade Day app is valuable in this process, offering young entrepreneurs resources and tools for planning, budgeting, and marketing, ensuring a smooth and successful lemonade stand operation.

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