Boyfriend Refuses to Return Girlfriend’s Credit Card: ‘What credit card?’

Trust and boundaries play a pivotal role in shaping relationships. There are too many complications involving financial independence and romantic relations.

Such is the case for a woman who faces a dilemma after her boyfriend refuses to return her credit card.

Background of the Relationship

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The woman, who has been navigating through various jobs, has been the primary financial provider in the relationship, as her boyfriend has remained unemployed due to health issues affecting his work performance.

She has been responsible for handling rent, bills, groceries, and other essential expenses, while her boyfriend has been grappling with his physical disability and reluctance to seek disability benefits.

A Sudden Request

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The trouble started when the boyfriend unexpectedly requested to borrow the woman’s credit card to purchase food. Despite her usual role in managing payments and supermarket trips, she agreed to his request, with the stipulation that he would return the card later.

However, the boyfriend’s subsequent refusal to return the card and insistence on keeping it to handle payments on her behalf led to rising tensions.

“What Credit Card?”

“He got back later and when I asked about my credit card, he was like ‘What credit card?’ I thought he was joking so I told him to just give it back. He said he’d just keep it with him. I asked why and he said so he could start handling paying for stuff on my behalf.”

Upon his refusal, the woman felt uncomfortable, “I said I’d rather not burden him with this stuff and asked him to hand over the credit card. He refused and said that ‘he’ll just keep it’ since it doesn’t have that much money anyway. I was livid. I tried to argue but he told me to ‘just trust him’ and let him keep it and swore he wouldn’t spend a penny from it.”

Cancelling the Card

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The next morning, the woman promptly canceled the credit card and registered a new one.

“He must’ve tried to use it because he called and was confused asking why the credit card was not valid anymore. I told him it was because I canceled it and registered a new one. He lost it and started scolding me saying he couldn’t believe I had this level of petty and kept on about how I don’t trust him with my finances. and how financially abusive I have become lately. I hung up on him.”

This decision resulted in a series of arguments, with the boyfriend accusing her of being paranoid, unreasonable, and financially abusive.


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The disagreement continued for days, with the boyfriend giving the woman the cold shoulder and making her question whether her actions had hurt his feelings and demonstrated a lack of trust.

Accusations of Gaslighting

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Many people have weighed in on the incident, with some commenters accusing the boyfriend of gaslighting. One pointed out,

“He found out you canceled it because he tried to use it even though he promised he wouldn’t but you’re the paranoid one right? He’s definitely gaslighting you too.”

Calls for Reevaluation of Relationship

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Several comments have called for a reevaluation of the relationship, suggesting that the boyfriend’s actions were disrespectful and indicative of deeper trust issues. Someone noted, “Maybe time to cancel your boyfriend as well,” because of the severity of the breach of trust.

Concerns Over Financial Abuse

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The boyfriend’s accusations of financial abuse have sparked discussions on the dynamics of financial control in relationships.

Some people have expressed concerns over the boyfriend’s intentions, with one stating, “He’s using her and leaching,” raising questions about the relationship’s balance of power and financial dependence.

Financial Considerations for Unmarried Couples

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In light of the incident, it’s essential to explore the financial considerations and challenges that unmarried couples may face.

The story underscores the importance of trust, boundaries, and financial autonomy within a relationship.

Joint Accounts: Balancing Risks and Benefits

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One of the pivotal aspects of this story is the boyfriend’s insistence on retaining the woman’s credit card. This situation brings to the forefront the concept of joint accounts.

Unmarried couples, like their married counterparts, can open joint bank accounts to manage shared expenses.

However, this can create tension, especially when there are disagreements on spending. Both partners have equal access and responsibility, making it crucial to establish clear communication and agreements on using joint accounts.

Credit Impact: Individual Responsibility

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The story also highlights concerns about credit misuse. In relationships, each partner’s credit report and score are individual. However, joint credit accounts or adding a partner as an authorized user can impact both individuals’ credit histories.

Monitoring spending and ensuring timely payments are essential to maintain positive credit histories and avoid financial complications.

Navigating Debt & Shared Expenses

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Debt is typically tied to individual credit history, but joint credit accounts are a shared responsibility. In the incident discussed, concerns about accumulating debt and financial abuse were raised.

Open communication about shared expenses, spending limits, and debt management can help maintain a balanced and trusting relationship.

This incident offers valuable insights into the challenges of balancing trust and autonomy in relationships with financial imbalances.

It underscores the need for open communication, mutual respect, and clear boundaries to foster healthy, trusting relationships.

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