Brave Employee Declines ‘Promotion’ That Would Slash His Pay or Skyrocket His Hours

When an employee gets offered a promotion, it’s not so farfetched to think it comes with a salary increase. However, one employee’s experience of being offered a promotion came with a twist.

A Promotion with a Twist

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The employee, who works as a vendor in the grocery industry, was called into the boss’s office and presented with a promotion offer.

The peculiar aspect of this offer was that it would either lead to a 20% reduction in the employee’s annual income or necessitate working an additional 10 hours per week to maintain the current income level.

As a sales position, the vendor role operates on a commission basis, allowing the employee to be highly efficient and maximize earnings for minimum hours.

The employee had consistently demonstrated high sales growth and numbers, outperforming other sales representatives in the local market.

Evaluating the Trade-Offs

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The promotion involved transitioning to a supervisor role, which is compensated hourly. The employee calculated their average hourly income in the current role and found it to be 20% higher than the hourly rate being offered for the supervisor position.

Upon discussing this discrepancy with the boss, it became evident that the employer was aware of the difference in compensation.

The boss emphasized the potential for moving into higher-paying supervisor positions in the future but stressed that accepting the current offer was a necessary step in climbing the corporate ladder.

Turning Down the Offer

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After evaluating the trade-offs and implications of the offer, the employee decided to turn it down. The prospect of taking on more responsibilities and working additional hours without corresponding financial benefits did not align with the employee’s values and expectations.

Shared Experiences

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The story has resonated with several people who shared similar experiences and challenges. One commenter recounted an instance where a promotion led to being just over the threshold for overtime eligibility, resulting in a decrease in overall compensation.

“I had two such ‘promotions’. The one I totally didn’t expect was going from a grade 1 engineer to grade 2. It included a raise. 1 month into my new position, the overtime policy changed & all engineers who were grade 2 & above were no longer eligible for overtime. I checked the law & with my new salary, I was $20 per year over the threshold for ‘exempt’.”

The Suspicion Surrounding Future Promises

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Someone who expressed skepticism about promises of better positions in the future offered a different perspective. They pointed out the uncertainty and potential risk of being stuck in a less favorable position for an extended period, emphasizing the importance of evaluating the reliability of future prospects.

Insights from the Grocery Industry

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A user with experience in the grocery industry shared insights into vendors’ earnings, citing an example of a vendor who earned more than their manager due to commission caps.

“I was a grocery manager for years. The one who stocked my store made much more than his manager because the stores he worked were max capping his commissions. He chose to work as early as possible (often starting at 4 a.m.) and ending his day early afternoon. He made more than I did yearly due to his sales. If he ever took a new position higher up he’d have taken a massive pay cut.”

The Importance of Understanding Offers

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Several people commended the employee for understanding the offer’s implications and making an informed decision.

One pointed out that the employer might have hoped the employee did not fully grasp the offer, highlighting the importance of awareness and critical evaluation of career opportunities.

Equitable Development & Career Advancement

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In light of the employee’s experience, equitable development ³ in the workplace becomes a focal point. Organizations need to implement strategies that ensure all employees, regardless of their role, have the opportunity to advance and achieve their full potential.

Addressing disparities and fostering an inclusive environment can prevent promotions with unfavorable conditions.

Advocating for Equity In Career Opportunities

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Promoting equity in career advancement opportunities is essential. Employees should be vigilant and advocate for equitable treatment, ensuring that career progression does not come at the expense of fair compensation.

Organizations are responsible for providing transparent and fair advancement opportunities to foster trust and engagement among employees.

Inclusive Support for Career Decisions

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The employee’s decision to turn down the promotion highlights the need for inclusive career support. Organizations should strive to offer equitable career support, ensuring that employees are well informed and can make decisions that align with their professional goals and values.

This includes clarifying the implications of career moves and guaranteeing transparency in compensation practices.

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