‘Not you outside on your whole shift’: Burger King Worker Pretends to Sweep.. Here’s Why

The workplace can sometimes feel like a prison in today’s fast-paced world.

This sentiment was recently echoed by a Burger King employee who took to social media to share her experiences and feelings about her job.

Offering a raw, unfiltered look into the daily grind of fast-food work, her videos have become a rallying cry for those feeling trapped in thankless jobs.

A Day in the Life

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The employee shared a series of vignettes that gave viewers a glimpse into her daily life at Burger King.

In one video, which garnered over 557,000 views since its posting on July 9, she can be seen trying to enjoy her meal and drink without being disturbed.

She humorously remarks,

“I’m starting to learn that when life gives you lemons, you take them lemons and you squeeze them so hard to get that juice into somebody’s eyeballs.”

In another segment, she steps outside the restaurant, still within its premises, and sings a line from Sexyy Redd and Tay Keith’s “Pound Town.”

She then muses about the possibility of taking a trip out of town, but quickly dismisses the idea, noting that such adventures might remain a dream if she continues working at her current job.

Adding to her list of grievances, she points out that her work hat doesn’t fit her, quipping,

“That’s how you know the job don’t.”

Avoiding Work

This You Woman Ridicules Men Earning Under 400kyr While Shes Earning 18hr 1
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In a humorous twist, she informs a colleague that she’s about to “sweep outside.”

However, instead of actually sweeping, she spends her time outside doing nothing in particular, eventually ending the video with her enjoying some food.

This candid portrayal of her workday resonated with many viewers, with comments such as

“Not you outside on your whole shift” and “I’m about to sweep outside has me so dead.”

Another viewer shared a personal anecdote:

“Me when I worked at BK. I asked to use the bathroom and ran the hell out and never came back.”

A New Beginning

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The content creator who boasts a following of 210,000 often shares content related to her job.

She expresses her disappointment with her wages in one of her most popular videos. However, in a recent update, she revealed that she no longer works at Burger King in East Peoria.

Then, recounted how she had tried to give a two-week notice when she was offered a new job, but was told that her notice was accepted immediately and she didn’t need to return.

They also asked her to return the uniform within 24 hours, promptly.

She now works at a hospital, enjoying better pay and benefits. Additionally, she is pursuing a course in medical assisting, which she believes will open more doors for her in the future.

Reflecting on her time at Burger King, she described it as “bittersweet,” but expressed relief, saying,

“My hardship has finally come to an end.”

Employees Review

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Burger King employees in Georgia have voiced serious concerns about working in soaring summer temperatures without functional air conditioning.

As reported by Business Insider ¹, the situation became so unbearable that workers held a rally outside their location.

The extreme heat and equipment failure have led to health issues, prompting some employees to consider filing a complaint with the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Burger King employees at a particular location took a drastic step to highlight their grievances. As covered by NBC News ², staff members left a note on the store sign stating, “We all quit.”

The decision came after persistent issues, including short staffing, frequent managerial turnover, and overall challenging work conditions.

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