“I thought they were only 190 cals each” Woman Stunned by Unexpected Caloric Content of Crumbl Cookies

In today’s health-conscious world, a viral revelation has many rethinking their snack choices and questioning the true cost of indulgence.

The Viral Revelation

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A video went viral where a woman expressed her astonishment upon realizing the calorie content of Crumbl cookies.

Looking in disbelief, she said,

“I just ate two cookies from Crumbl because I thought they were only 190 cals each.”

This statement was met with a flurry of reactions, with one comment humorously pointing out,

“Does it TASTE like 190 cals,”

which garnered more than 123,000 likes. The video struck a chord with many, amassing over 4.3 million views and close to 5,500 comments.

A Brief on Crumbl Cookies

I thought they were only 190 cals each Woman Stunned by Unexpected Caloric Content of Crumbl Cookies
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For those who might need to become more familiar, Crumbl Cookies is a rapidly expanding cookie delivery chain that originated in Utah in 2017.

Founded by two cousins, the brand has since established over 800 locations in 49 states and expanded to Canada with two stores.

One of the reasons for its soaring popularity is its dynamic menu that changes weekly, offering twelve to fourteen unique flavors. These cookies are known for their delectable taste and are also generously sized, made from quality ingredients, and baked fresh upon order. [1]

The brand’s signature pink box, which can hold 4, 6, or 12 cookies, with the 4-pack being the most sought-after, is a testament to their appeal.

The Calorie Confusion

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A comment from the viral video mentioned,


This sheds light on the common misconception many might have.

According to Crumbl’s official nutritional information, one cookie is divided into four servings.

To put it in perspective, their classic milk chocolate chip cookie contains 180 calories for each serving, which means a whopping 720 calories for an entire cookie.

It seems the woman, like many others, mistakenly believed the calorie count was for the whole cookie rather than just a quarter of it.

However, the online community was quick to offer support and encouragement.

Comments such as

“you’re allowed to have two cookies”


“u know what u enjoyed it so that’s what matters”

poured in, emphasizing the importance of enjoying life’s little pleasures without guilt.

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