Caught on Video: Car Thief Gets Instant Karma With High-Tech Devices

Imagine you’re a car thief in San Francisco, a city notorious for its high rate of vehicle break-ins. You spot an unattended backpack in a car and decide to make your move, only to discover that this is no ordinary backpack.

Instead, it’s a cleverly disguised high-tech trap.

This is not a scene from a high-tech heist movie but the reality of what some car thieves in San Francisco encountered, thanks to the ingenuity of former NASA engineer and current YouTube sensation, Mark Rober.

The Glitter Bomb Series: A Legacy of Ingenious Engineering

Rober’s journey began five years ago when porch pirates stole a package from his doorstep. This incident spurred him to combine his engineering expertise with a passion for justice, leading to the creation of various versions of glitter bomb bait packages.

These devices, designed to deter thieves, evolved over the years, incorporating features such as spinning, spraying, flashing, sticking, punching, and even flying.

His latest creation, specifically designed for vehicles, uses 900 PSI of compressed gas to launch a payload of biodegradable glitter and fart spray upon activation.

This contraption, concealed in a backpack, also includes a custom circuit board, car horn, two-way cellular connection, and a pair of phones for video capture and GPS tracking.

An Investigative Collaboration Reveals Surprising Insights

In an eight-month-long operation involving 25 separate car break-ins, Rober, in collaboration with veteran investigative reporter Dan Noyes, sought to understand the dynamics behind the rampant car burglaries in San Francisco.

Their findings were eye-opening.

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of these thefts were not the work of organized crime syndicates but rather individual actors. Many of these individuals didn’t appear to be seasoned criminals, prompting questions about the underlying reasons for their actions.

The Role of Fencing Operations In Propelling Thefts

A significant discovery was the role of fencing operations in facilitating the quick exchange of stolen goods for money. These markets create a demand for stolen items, indirectly encouraging thefts.

The team’s research indicated that shutting down these markets could significantly reduce car break-ins.

The Ultimate Glitter Bomb Reaction & Hopeful Conclusion

The culmination of Rober’s project was a series of reactions to the glitter bomb, with one particular incident standing out. After breaking into a car and triggering the device, a thief encountered the full brunt of the fart spray, leading to an immediate and dramatic reaction.

As Rober wraps up his glitter bomb series, he leaves behind a legacy of innovative engineering and a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding urban theft.

His efforts not only brought entertainment and awareness but also shed light on potential solutions to a persistent urban issue.

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