Sunscreen Criticized for White Residue on Dark Skin Tones: ‘That’s why I stopped using it’

A TikTok user named Naby went viral after sharing a video about her bad experience with Cetaphil’s sunscreen, saying it negatively affected her skin.

The video got huge attention, reaching over 5 million views, and Naby declared she won’t be buying Cetaphil products anymore due to her experience. Let’s uncover this story.

The Sunscreen Saga

In the video, Naby is seen holding what seems to be a tube of Cetaphil’s Sheer Mineral Sunscreen with an SPF of 30. She appears to have recently applied sunscreen to her face, which has left a noticeable white cast on her darker skin.

Naby mentioned that she even washed her face after using the product due to the discoloration on her skin. However, the white cast persisted even after attempting to wash it off. “If you are Black and love yourself, don’t buy this,” she commented about Cetaphil’s sunscreen. “I canceled them myself, never buying a product from them,” she added.

In a follow-up video, she expressed concern that the color might stain her skin for an extended period. “Yall im joking i will never use this again,” she wrote in the caption before addressing the company directly. “@CetaphilUS its been 2 hours if its not off by the time im getting to ny im suing.”

@ur_fav_naby I washed my face ! @Cetaphil US ♬ original sound – Nabyyy❤️

Community Echoes: Shared Struggles & Suggestions

Viewers in the comment section resonated with the creator, affirming they have also encountered similar issues with this specific sunscreen brand. “That’s why I stopped using it! They have my passport photo looking wild disrespectful,” one person wrote. “I have a weird sunscreen video like this too,” shared another.

One viewer explained, “Any mineral SPF will leave the cast no matter what,” recommending the creator to “get chemical SPF.” Another suggested switching to a specific sunscreen for Black women. “I use the kids black girl sunscreen in 50 SPF. Make the switch sis you won’t regret it,” the commenter shared, adding that the product is available at Target and Walmart.

The Science Behind Sunscreen’s White Cast

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To avoid this incident, we must understand the science behind it. Sunscreen, a vital shield against harmful UV rays, often leaves a noticeable white cast on the skin. According to dermatologist Dr. Michelle Henry, this phenomenon is attributed to titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in sunscreen formulations.

These ingredients linger on the skin’s surface, reflecting UV rays and providing robust protection against UVA and UVB radiation. Notably, mineral sunscreens containing these white pigments (white cast) are not absorbed into the skin, reducing the likelihood of skin reactions and making them suitable for sensitive skin, including that of babies and children.

Moreover, unlike chemical sunscreens, they offer immediate protection, which requires approximately 15 minutes to become effective.

Choosing the Right Sunscreen: Mineral vs. Chemical

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Navigating the sunscreen market involves understanding the distinction between chemical and mineral sunscreens. Chemical sunscreens containing compounds like oxybenzone and avobenzone absorb UV rays, converting them into heat and mitigating their potential to harm deeper skin layers.

While they do not leave a white cast, they can trigger allergic reactions and exacerbate conditions like melasma and rosacea. Conversely, mineral sunscreens, recommended by various dermatology experts and organizations, are deemed healthier due to their titanium dioxide and zinc oxide content.

While causing a white cast, these ingredients are proven safe and effective for all skin types, providing a barrier against UV rays without penetrating the skin.

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