Millennials & Gen Z are Breaking Political Rules: Challenging Conservative Norms

The clash between generations and their differing ideologies is increasingly significant in today’s rapidly evolving political landscape.

What happens when the rigid conservative norms that have long defined the political landscape collide head-on with the unyielding spirit of millennials and Gen Z?

A recent video has highlighted how millennials and “zoomers” are shattering long-held conventions, leaving the older conservative generation perplexed about the future.

Millennials Defying Political Trends

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The video creator started by stitching a clip from another user reacting to a viral tweet saying,

“Millennials are shattering the oldest rule in politics — they’re not getting more right-wing as they age.”

He further added by saying,

“This is one of my favorite developments in modern politics because the older conservative generation has no idea how to proceed with this development. And it’s something that, honestly, I think anyone who’s a millennial or a Zoomer could have seen coming from a mile away.”

He implies that the established conservative politicians and leaders from older generations face challenges adapting to the changing political landscape. Furthermore, Greggo believed the shift towards more progressive values among millennials and Generation Z (“zoomers”) was predictable.

He suggests that individuals from these younger generations have long been aware of this trend, implying that the older conservative generation may have been caught off guard.

The Traditional Rule and Its Flaws

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Greggo also points out a common saying in conservative circles:

“If you’re young and not liberal, you don’t have a heart; but if you’re old and not conservative, you don’t have a brain.”

However, this quote overlooks a crucial aspect: the requirement of having a stake in the status quo to embrace conservatism which is having property and substantial disposable savings, are factors that typically contribute to one’s vested interest in maintaining the existing order.

Unfortunately, the millennial and Zoomer generations face challenges in attaining such financial stability due to corporate greed and conservative resistance to progressive policies.

The Impact of Fear-Mongering

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Conservatives sometimes employ fear-based messaging to appeal to their supporters by suggesting that certain groups aim to confiscate their assets, such as property and money.

For example, they may argue that socialists intend to redistribute wealth from hardworking individuals to those they perceive as lazy, such as undocumented immigrants and minorities.

He contended by saying,

“These socialists want to steal all of your money and your property and give it to lazy people like illegal immigrants and minorities who don’t want to work like that’s the narrative that they sell to conservatives, and it works because fear-mongering is a very effective political tool.”

He then pointed out the reality stating,

“But that doesn’t work on people who don’t have property or disposable savings to have stolen by these nefarious groups.”

However, it is worth noting that the effectiveness of fear-mongering depends on individual circumstances and economic standing. For example, individuals who do not possess significant property or disposable savings may not be as swayed by the fear of losing these assets to alleged nefarious groups.

This disconnect between the concerns propagated by conservatives and the realities faced by Millennials and Gen Z erodes the effectiveness of fear-mongering as a political tool.

The Irony of Missed Opportunities

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One intriguing aspect, which can be seen as ironic, is that conservatives may have unwittingly hindered their own cause.

He supported this narrative by adding,

“If they had allowed things like increasing the minimum wage or removing student and medical debt so that those assets can be more accessible to people or just creating more affordable housing.”

He substantiated his statement, saying,

“If those policies had actually happened, you would have a lot more millennials and zoomers acting as conservatives because they would have assets that would give them the motivation to conserve the status quo.”

This irony of conservatives blocking progressive policies that could have appealed to millennials and Zoomers.

By prioritizing their grip on power and resisting change, conservatives inadvertently limited their appeal to the demographic that could have bolstered their movement.

The Decline of Young Conservative Involvement

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It is increasingly evident that young people are underrepresented in conservative politics. He then quoted a saying, “A political movement only stays alive as long as YOUNG people continue to fuel it.”

However, the lack of engagement from younger generations poses a significant challenge for conservatives.

As millennials and zoomers increasingly gravitate towards alternative ideologies and right-wing political movements, the conservative movement runs out of the youthful enthusiasm that once propelled it forward.

The perspectives presented resonate with a broader sentiment expressed by various commentators.

Some argue that the conservative establishment’s resistance to progressive policies has created a divide between generations, limiting the movement’s ability to adapt to changing societal norms.

Within the comments, an individual shared their experience, noting,

It’s more than just not having property. Millennials and Gen Z grew up not hating people and being accepting of cultures and changes.”

Furthermore, someone else joined in, sharing,

“They dead*^s preached treat others how you want to be treated and are upset that we listened.”

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