“Is This Everyone, or Just Me?” — Woman’s Cheese Storage Method Sparks Debate

Who knew storing cheese could be so contentious? When TikToker Chrissy revealed her simple Ziploc bag method for keeping cheese fresh, she probably didn’t anticipate the cheesy storm she’d unleash online.

With viewers divided between convenience and taste preservation, many offered alternatives like wrapping in parchment paper to avoid that dreaded plastic taste. Let’s uncover more of the details.

Cheese Storage Conundrum

The video showcases TikTok user Chrissy unwrapping a block of cheese. “Did you know after you cut open a block of cheese, you should remove it from its wrapper and put it into a different package?” she queries.

She then transfers the block of cheese into a Ziploc bag. Chrissy credits the internet for this cheese storage tip.

“Is this everyone, or just me?” she poses the question in the caption.

@chrissycakesaz Is this everyone, or just me?
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What’s the Best Way to Store Cheese?

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Cheese, a product of intricate living processes, demands meticulous storage to maintain quality and extend life. The initial step involves purchasing an optimal quantity, ideally a 3-5 days’ supply, to prevent neglecting gourmet varieties in the refrigerator’s depths.

The ideal storage spot is a dark, cool, and airy space, like a fridge’s vegetable compartment, providing a balanced environment not too humid or cold.

Different cheeses require specific wrapping methods to breathe yet stay hydrated. For instance, cheeses originally wrapped in waxed paper should remain so, as this material permits adequate air circulation. In its absence, kitchen foil becomes a suitable alternative, especially for blue cheeses, maintaining their moisture levels.

Cling film can also serve the purpose but only to cover the cut surfaces, allowing the rind exposure to air. However, prolonged cling film coverage can foster unwanted mold growth, necessitating fresh pieces post-cutting.

Pre-Consumption Care

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Post-purchase cheese storage necessitates careful attention, especially once opened. Storing sliced cheese in a sealed container, like Tupperware, not only contains its potent aroma within but also shields it from other fridge odors. An innovative approach to prolonging cheese life involves placing a sugar cube inside the container, which absorbs excess moisture, averting sweating.

Cheese expresses its full flavor at room temperature, dictating its removal from cold storage at least an hour before consumption, barring exceedingly warm and humid conditions.

Smaller cheese portions tend to dry quicker than larger chunks, recommending immediate pre-serving cutting, particularly for cheeseboard presentations. This practice ensures each cheese type’s freshness and flavor integrity, enhancing the overall culinary experience.

Public Opinion

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The video garnered numerous views, and viewers weighed in on their cheese storage techniques.

“I put it in a paper towel and then in a glass container,” one viewer wrote.

“if you wrap it with a paper towel then in foil and put in a Pyrex bowl it lasts so much longer!!” another commented.

“Yea but I thought you are supposed to wrap it in something like parchment paper,” a third mentioned.

One viewer pointed out, “no. then the cheese will taste like ziploc.”

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