Chipotle Customer Reveals $5 DIY Bowl Menu Hack: ‘I do this all the time!! It’s more than enough food!’

The quest for a delicious bargain always continues in the fast-paced world of fast food.

A recent discovery by a savvy Chipotle customer has taken the internet by storm, showcasing an ingenious hack to score a complete meal with chips and a beverage, all for the unbeatable price of just $5.

This viral hack is redefining the meaning of a “satisfying meal deal.”

Ordering the Meal

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The hack involves ordering from the kid’s menu at Chipotle. Specifically, order a kid’s cheese quesadilla with three sides.

The customer, Liv, chooses rice, beans, and chicken as her sides. The meal is served in a takeout container with four compartments. Her strategy involves eating the quesadilla first and mixing the three side portions into the larger compartment, creating a mini burrito bowl.

She also orders an extra side of corn salsa, for which she is never charged. The kid’s meal also includes a drink and chips, all for $5, as shown in the receipt Liv shares.

Benefits of the Hack

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This hack is not just about saving money; it’s also about portion control. Despite being a kid’s meal, many find it plenty of food.

One viewer commented,

“I do this at Cava and it’s so much food.” and “‘I do this all the time!! It’s more than enough food!”

Others echoed this sentiment, noting the meal is more than enough food and great for portion control. Some customers also customize their kid’s meal, ordering a cheese and fajita veggie quesadilla.

Potential Issues

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However, only some have had the same success with this hack. Another customer reported being charged for an adult meal when trying to order the kid’s quesadilla meal in person.

Commenters suggested ordering via the app to avoid this issue. This hack is not new; other customers have been using it to order Chipotle kid’s meals for around $5.

Other Restaurants

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This hack is not limited to Chipotle. Customers have found similar deals by ordering from the kid’s menu at other restaurants, including Chuy’s and Olive Garden.

It’s a strategy worth exploring at various eateries to enjoy a meal at a fraction of the regular adult meal price.

Chipotle’s Menu Hack

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Chipotle’s little-known menu hack that allowed customers to order a substantial amount of food for under $5.

This hack was the same the Liv used, and involved ordering from the kids’ menu, which is not prominently advertised on Chipotle’s menu boards. Customers could order tacos, a quesadilla, a drink, and chips for $3.75 to $4.75.

This cost is significantly lower than the average order at Chipotle, which is around $12. The kids’ “build-your-own” taco plate included one protein, two fillings, two hard taco shells or tortillas, a small bag of chips or fruit, and a drink, all for a surprisingly low cost of $4.75.

Ordering the same items from the adult menu would cost about 40% more.

The Impact of the Hack on Chipotle

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The hack slowed down the entire restaurant and resulted in more waste due to the use of additional packaging and single-use plastic cups.

Employees reported customers getting “aggressive” when given the appropriate-sized sides for a taco, even though they were technically only entitled to the smaller taco-sized portions.

Despite the halt of this specific online ordering hack, Chipotle is not against all menu “hacks.” The company had previously shared on TikTok three hacks for ordering nachos, a taco salad, or a seven-layer dip, aimed at helping customers create off-menu items rather than cheaper versions of current menu items. Customers wishing to order tacos can still do so in person.

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