Confession: Being the Cause of Someone’s Death

Not one sane person wants to be the reason for someone’s death. It is such a heavy burden that even the strongest man on earth may not be able to carry it. And for a young teenager to carry this burden is so messed up.

A Reddit user confessed on how they inadvertently caused the death of a person. The OP (original poster, not real name, but let’s call her Mary) says that their mother was a nurse. Their mom had childhood friends whose mother was incredibly sick and needed constant care.

Mary’s mother became the caregiver since she was a nurse and they were close with the family. So every day she would “change medicines, bandages, take her on errands, whatever was needed on that day.”

How They “Killed” Her

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Mary was 13-14 years old when the incident happened. Their mom was out of town and Mary was left at home playing video games. One of the mom’s best friends suddenly called looking for Mary’s mom.

They said, “Can you please have your mother call me when she gets home? It’s an emergency. Mom bled out, she’s not doing well at all, and we don’t know what to do.”

Mary said she’d pass on the information and went back to playing games. However, when the mom got home 15 minutes later, Mary forgot to tell her about the phone call. And only remembered when the friends called again later that night to say that their mom died from bleeding out.

Guilt-Laden Innocence

The incident became a traumatic experience for Mary. Even though there was no blaming or pointing fingers, guilt still followed. The phone call was never mentioned and Mary’s mom not showing up or calling back was never brought up.

Up to this day, Mary can’t help but think the woman could have lived longer if only they remembered to relay the message.

Who to Call In Emergencies

Redditors are quick to say that it wasn’t the Mary’s fault. An emergency where a person is bleeding out is something that should be handled by professionals. An ambulance or 911 should have been called so the patient gets the urgent care they need.

Others said that Mary’s mother may not even be able to do much for the patient. “Unless your mother was a God among doctors, who could heal every wound and cure every illness who also has the speed of flash to go whenever she’s needed, there was really nothing you or your mother could have done.”

A nurse in the comments said, “If she was at a point where she was needing regular care she may have been at the end of her life anyway. Your mum may have just been providing comfort care for her. The bleeding was probably the last straw that actually made her die but I’m guessing she was really sick anyway.”

Forgiving Oneself

While Redditors agree that it wasn’t the Mary’s fault, there still isn’t any additional info on whether or not the Mary is dealing with their feelings of guilt. Some comments are suggesting getting therapy because the incident is “the OP’s own interpretation of a traumatic childhood event that’s causing them pain.”


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