Costco Shopper Refuses to Show Receipt, Claims ‘Illegal Detainment’ by Workers

A Canadian shopper’s experience at Costco has caught the attention of many after he claimed that the store ‘illegally’ detained him for not showing his receipt. Here’s the inside story.

Routine Check or Overreach?

The incident was captured and shared by TikToker RakeshNDutt where he tried to exit the store without presenting his receipt to the staff.

As he proceeds, both the worker and a manager intervene, requesting to see his receipt. Costco’s official website says it is standard practice across all their warehouse locations to verify purchase receipts when customers exit.

This procedure is in place to ensure proper payment processing and to prevent overcharging. Specific markers on the receipt, such as codes, item counts, supervisor initials for high-end items, and written signifiers for large items, are checked to ensure accuracy.

The video, which has a text overlay stating, “Costco staff illegally detain us again over a receipt,” has amassed over 655,000 views as of publication.

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The Broader Context of Receipt Checks

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While the exact events leading up to the video’s start are not clear, the behavior of the Costco staff appears to align with the store’s standard practices. For most retail establishments, staff can only stop a customer if there’s a reasonable suspicion of shoplifting.

However, membership-based stores like Costco operate differently. Customers typically sign a contract upon purchasing a membership, including an agreement allowing the store to check receipts before exit. Under these terms, membership stores can detain individuals who refuse to present their receipts.

The staff at any store, including big-box establishments, can ask to see your receipt as you exit. Although in most cases, you’ll probably approve and hand the receipt over, you might wonder whether the store could do anything if you refused to show it. The answer is generally no, but it depends on the situation.

The Shopkeeper’s Privilege and Its Limitations

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Most states have laws, sometimes called “shopkeeper’s privilege” laws, that outline what a store can do when stopping and searching for customers. These laws generally allow store personnel to detain a person temporarily if there is reason to suspect that person of shoplifting.

Store personnel can’t randomly search individuals or target people in particular groups. Additionally, even if store employees are authorized to detain someone, they can’t use more force than is necessary to hold the person until the police arrive.

If store personnel, including a receipt checker, prevents you from leaving when you have the right to do so, you could have a legal claim for “false imprisonment.” False imprisonment occurs when you are not free to go, detained against your will, and held without legal justification.

Suppose you think a store has violated the law, like by holding you against your will and, perhaps, causing you personal injury in the process. In that case, a lawyer can advise you about whether you should think about filing a lawsuit.

Public Reaction & Implications

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The incident has sparked discussions about the balance between store policies and customer rights. While some may view the receipt check as a minor inconvenience or a necessary measure for loss prevention, others might see it as an invasion of privacy or an overreach by the store.

The broader implications revolve around the dynamics of customer service, store policies, and the boundaries of individual rights in retail environments.

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