Customer Calls Out Chipotle for Extra Corn Topping Charge

In a time of soaring living costs, every penny counts. Yet, what if those unexpected expenses aren’t just on major purchases, but sneak into your daily coffee or lunch?

It begs the question: Are we genuinely getting our money’s worth, or merely paying a premium for the usual?

The Fast-Food Trend: Charging for the Little Things

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A noticeable trend has emerged where fast-food chains are beginning to levy charges for items that were previously given away for free.

For instance, there have been reports of McDonald’s charging customers for sauce packets. Similarly, a Starbucks patron alleged that she was asked to pay an additional $1 merely to remove ice from her beverage.

A Surprising Charge for Corn

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Leiah, a user who previously highlighted an incident where she was charged $1 for a sauce packet at Popeyes, has once again brought to light another such incident. This time, she criticized a popular restaurant chain for charging her extra for an additional serving of corn.

Leiah recalled her experience,

“I said, ‘Can I have some more corn?’…He said, ‘It’s going to be extra.”

Expressing her disbelief, she added, “Y’all are charging extra now? For corn?” She further questioned the rationale behind such a charge, especially after spending $13 on her meal.

However, the surprises didn’t end there. Leiah also pointed out that she was informed of an additional charge for extra vinaigrette. In her words,

“Why are y’all getting so strict right now? Bro, you need to calm down.”

Public Reaction to the New Charges

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While some users had previously warned about the possibility of such charges, many found it hard to digest that a chain would charge extra for corn, especially considering it’s one of the most affordable crops to produce and purchase in the country.

The public’s displeasure with these new pricing strategies was evident in the comments. One user remarked,

“When my bf and I order [from this restaurant], it be coming out to like 60 just for two bowls and chips.”

Another shared their experience, saying,

“They tried to charge me for extra dressing in Atlanta. I just knew I was getting scammed!”

A third user commented,

“That’s crazy. They better start filling that vinaigrette if they are going to charge extra.”

The Controversial Shift

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The fast-food industry is transforming, with chains like Chipotle leading the charge in adjusting their pricing strategies.

A Reddit discussion[1] highlights the debate around charging for extra toppings and whether sandwiches should be cheaper if certain items are removed. This sentiment is echoed in a report from “Eat This Not That[2]“, which states that nearly 15% of fast-food restaurants are now implementing service fees.

While businesses have their reasons, such as covering operational costs or adjusting to market dynamics, they must maintain transparency. Alienating a loyal customer base with unexpected charges can have long-term repercussions.

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