Customer Calls Out Mission Tortillas for Introducing New Flavored Varieties

In the ever-evolving world of culinary innovations, food manufacturers are on a relentless quest to surprise consumers with unexpected flavor combinations.

A Viral Sensation

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Mission Foods is the latest entrant in this trend, introducing two new flavors to its tortilla range: Everything Bagel and Sweet Hawaiian.

But these new offerings have sparked a heated debate among consumers, with reactions ranging from delight to dismay.

Recently, a video surfaced online where a user showcased the new flavors of Mission-brand flour tortillas available at a grocery store. The initial reaction was shock, especially when the user discovered the ‘everything bagel’ flavored tortillas.

The surprise escalated when the video panned to reveal another variant – the sweet Hawaiian-flavored flour tortillas.

The video garnered significant attention and had viewers asking,

“Who did this!?!?! who is buying these? what is happening?”

Mixed Reactions from the Audience

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The video has elicited a myriad of responses from the audience. While some viewers were quick to criticize, associating the products with the “white people taco night” meme, others were more receptive to these unconventional flavors.

One viewer humorously asked if these tortillas were found in the “Caucasian aisle at Albertson’s”, while another questioned the potential emergence of a pumpkin spice variant.

Despite the initial shock, many commenters defended the new flavors, with one person even describing the sweet Hawaiian variant as “fire”.

Culinary Innovations or Missteps?

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The reactions to the new flavors were indeed mixed. Some consumers praised the innovative approach, sharing their positive experiences with the products. One individual noted that they were pleasantly surprised by the everything bagel variant, which was a great addition to their breakfast tacos.

Another person shared a delightful recipe involving the sweet Hawaiian tortillas, Nutella, and an air fryer.

However, not all reviews were glowing. A section of the audience expressed disappointment, particularly with the aftertaste of the everything bagel tortillas.

Despite the mixed reviews, the demand for these tortillas is high, with one user noting that they are frequently sold out in their area.

Mission Foods’ Take on the New Flavors

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Mission Foods has embraced the new flavors wholeheartedly, providing recipes and suggestions for consumers to enjoy these products.

According to the company’s website, the sweet Hawaiian tortillas bring a tropical twist to taco nights, promising a delightful combination of sweetness and soft texture.

On the other hand, the everything bagel tortillas, infused with flavors like savory onion flakes, garlic flakes, pretzel salt, and pepper, are touted as a perfect choice for quick breakfast tacos or savory snacks.

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