‘Oh, Gross. This One Has Cucumber in It’: Customer Complains About Cucumbers In Pickles

Ever had a laugh-out-loud moment at work? Garet, a grocery store worker, definitely did when a customer voiced a complaint that has the internet in stitches.

The disgruntled shopper was aghast to find cucumbers in a jar of pickles, apparently missing the memo that pickles are simply pickled cucumbers. Let’s unpack this.

A Pickle Misunderstanding

A grocery store employee named Garet, who goes by @himbough on TikTok, shared an amusing encounter he had with a customer in the produce aisle. He began by recounting the incident where the customer, while browsing the pickle section, reached past him and made an unusual comment.

While stocking pickles, Garet was briefly pushed aside by the customer, which annoyed him a bit. However, he decided to let it slide and continued with his work. The customer was examining the various pickle options available, and she eventually picked up a hot pickle jar, expressing excitement that they had this variety.

The situation was comical when the customer began reading the label and scrutinizing the pickle’s ingredients. After a moment, she paused and exclaimed,

“Oh, gross. This one has cucumber in it.”

Garet found this statement amusing because pickles are made from cucumbers preserved in vinegar, salt, and spice brine.

It’s a well-known fact that cucumbers are the primary ingredient in pickles. Garet’s video highlighted the humorous encounter and resonated with others who shared similar experiences with customers who needed a refresher on certain food facts.

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Public Reaction

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Users shared amusing encounters with customers displaying unusual levels of confusion or misinformation. These anecdotes highlighted the quirky and sometimes baffling interactions that employees have with customers.

One former Subway worker recalled:

“Over 10 years ago. Lady asked what kind of tree black forest ham comes from. I still think about her.”

A different user shared a memory from Panera,

“Literally one time at Panera someone asked my dad if the tuna salad was made with mayo or mayonnaise. I’ll never forget it.”

Another user mentioned a customer who didn’t recognize that taco bread was actually called a tortilla, showcasing a lack of familiarity with common food terminology.

“I work in a zoo and someone pointed to a rounded stone in the goat paddock and said ‘OMG is that a goat egg?'” wrote one user.

A grocery store employee shared an encounter:

“At my grocery job an elderly lady holding a bottle of Tylenol PM in her hand said to me, ‘this works so well, I wish it didn’t make me so sleepy.”

When Cucumbers Spark Confusion

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This lighthearted story underscores the importance of basic food education and awareness. In an amusing incident at a grocery store, an employee overheard a customer’s bafflement upon discovering that a pickle was, in fact, made from a cucumber.

This revelation, seemingly mundane to most, surprised the customer, prompting laughter and reflection on how such simple information can sometimes be missed.

The customer’s genuine surprise highlights a widespread lack of understanding about the origins of everyday foods, a gap that often leads to misconceptions and myths, especially regarding pickles.

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