17 Myths About Women That Society Must Leave Behind

Nowadays, misinformation can spread like wildfire, so it is essential to debunk myths that have persisted for far too long. Women from different walks of life share the myths about women that infuriate them the most.

Here are 17 of the most common misconceptions and let’s shed light on the truth.

1. The Gaming World

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“That females are not good at video games. Or that they have a male friend who is boosting them to their current rank (if it’s higher than theirs). And then when they find out you’re actually better than them they try to deny it.

It’s so annoying to go in a lobby with random people and it’s filled with guys who belittle you or talk down to you because you’re a female.”

Contrary to the stereotype, many women excel in the gaming world, often outperforming their male counterparts. It’s high time we acknowledge the prowess of female gamers and stop assuming that they are being boosted by male friends.

2. Driving Skills

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“That we are bad drivers. I have had my first car for 3 years. I’m in my early 20’s. I have never crashed, but have had two men crash into me from behind.

Both times I had to fight tooth and nail to the officers to believe me. Both times the blame was given to me, even when the crashes were from behind and back side (merge lane and red light) The cops’ reason? ‘Well, unfortunately, ma’am, I have to put the blame on you since you are a fairly new driver. Drive safer next time/ You should always keep distance while in the merge lane even if he was behind you.’”

The myth that women are bad drivers is not only sexist but also baseless. Many women have impeccable driving records, proving that driving skills are not gender-specific. It’s essential to judge individuals based on their abilities rather than preconceived notions.

3. Love and Relationships

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“This was mentioned several times in high school: “Women give sex to get love and men give love to get sex” which I think is as insulting to men as it is to women.”

The saying that “women give sex to get love and men give love to get sex” is not only derogatory but also oversimplifies the complex nature of human relationships. Love and affection cannot be reduced to such transactional terms. It’s time to move past this outdated mindset.

4. Jealousy Among Women

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“That because you don’t like another woman it’s only because you’re jealous. Listen, I can hate a woman because of something she did or said and in no f****** way be jealous of her. She may be just dumb and why would I be jealous of that?”

The assumption that women dislike each other out of jealousy is a gross oversimplification. Like anyone else, women have valid reasons to dislike someone, which are not rooted in jealousy. It’s important to respect individual perspectives and feelings.

5. Maternity Leave

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“Maternity leave is basically vacation. If you’ve ever experienced the exhaustion of carrying a child and the intense body changes that occur during and after delivery, you’ll find out that maternity leave is necessary for recovery and is not a vacation. Try working with a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th-degree tear while now trying to deal with a baby that needs to feed every 2-3 hours.”

Maternity leave is far from a vacation. It is a necessary time for women to recover from the physical and emotional toll of childbirth. Let’s acknowledge the immense effort that goes into bringing a new life into this world and support women during this crucial period.

6. Fear of Snakes

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“I went to preschool in a church. My teacher told us the story of Adam and Eve. In the end, she said to us, ‘This is the reason god made women afraid of snakes.’ Several girls spoke up and said they weren’t afraid of snakes. I don’t remember what my teacher’s exact response was but I remember she was really annoyed.”

The belief stemming from religious stories that women are inherently afraid of snakes is baseless. Many women are not afraid of snakes, and it’s unjust to label them based on a mythological narrative.

7. Snoring

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“That women don’t snore (seriously, I’ve heard this loads and it always baffles me).

People breathe when they sleep, sometimes it makes some noise, male or female. Let ’em breathe.”

Yes, women do snore! Snoring is a natural bodily function and is not confined to any gender. It’s time to put this silly myth to rest and accept that everyone snores, irrespective of their gender.

8. Endometriosis

Endometriosis DP225637774
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“Nearly everything about endometriosis. It is sorely misunderstood, research is underfunded, and terrible treatments get used all the f****** time when they don’t help and make things worse. It’s a hidden debilitating disease and I hate the misinformation spread about it. There IS help out there and legit treatments.”

Affecting approximately 10% of women and girls of reproductive age globally, endometriosis is a chronic disease characterized by tissue similar to the uterine lining growing outside the uterus. This condition can initiate as early as a person’s first menstrual cycle and persist until menopause, leading to severe pelvic pain, especially during periods.

It is associated with a range of symptoms including abdominal bloating, nausea, and chronic fatigue, significantly impacting the quality of life. Despite its prevalence, the exact cause remains unknown, and there is no definitive cure at present.

Understanding and awareness of endometriosis are vital in promoting early diagnosis and effective symptom management, fostering a society where individuals can lead healthier lives.

9. Anatomy Misconceptions

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“We pee with our vagina.”

Many people wrongly believe that women urinate from their vaginas, a misconception that overlooks the existence of the urethra. It is crucial to understand basic anatomy to avoid perpetuating such myths.

10. The Hymen Myth

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“Not a girl, but I always found it sad to see articles where rape cases are shut down because she has an intact hymen. The hymen doesn’t break the first time you have sex, but it can if you are too rough with it. Hell, horseback riding and tampons can break it. And it won’t always bleed the first time, it may break, or it might not, both are perfectly normal.”

Contrary to popular belief, the hymen can’t be used as a “proof” of virginity. It can break due to various reasons including, but not limited to, physical activity or using tampons. Moreover, not all individuals with a hymen will bleed during their first sexual encounter, as hymens vary greatly in terms of thickness and elasticity.

11. Menstruation Myths

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“Stuff about our periods in general. Like if we’re mad, it’s definitely because we’re on our period. We never have a legitimate reason to be upset. Also, myths like we’re able to hold in our period or we only have it for a day, or that we’re impure. The impure one definitely infuriates me. I just think about the billions of women throughout history, and sometimes even today, being treated as if they’re impure or an evil omen because of a bodily function they cannot control. Banishing them to menstrual huts when they have their periods or not allowing them to touch anything. And yes, this happens. My mother as a teenager was not allowed to touch anything when she had her period. It got to the point where she would just not tell anyone she was menstruating and do what she wanted.”

Myths surrounding menstruation, including the notion of impurity and the ability to control menstrual flow, have led to discriminatory practices. It’s time to debunk these myths and foster a society where natural bodily functions are not a source of shame or stigma.

12. Uniform Interests

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“All women are the same and must therefore have the same interests, skills, and opinions.”

It’s a gross misconception to box all women into a category with uniform interests, skills, and opinions. Women have diverse and unique preferences, just like any other group.

13. Childbearing and Marriage

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“We love children and have a natural knack for them. When women abuse children they are seen as damaged. Men who abuse children are sick.”

Fact: Not every woman dreams of marriage or motherhood. Many prioritize careers, and personal growth, or choose to remain child-free. Respecting and understanding these choices is fundamental in a progressive society.

14. Movie Preferences

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“That we’re only supposed to like rom-com movies. Someone once told me I’ve quite a masculine movie collection- wtf?”

Women have diverse tastes in movies, and it is incorrect to pigeonhole them into enjoying only romantic comedies. Let’s celebrate the varied cinematic tastes that women have, from action-packed thrillers to heartwarming dramas.

15. Home and Lifestyle

woman home products dp 344894766 DS.jpg
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“That my husband handles fixing s*** around the house. No, he’s completely lost with that stuff. The tools are mine, I painted all the walls, I landscaped the garden and flower beds, and that grill is mine too. I do the barbecuing and I LOVE it! My husband fixes all the electronic stuff and picks up the heavy stuff while I make inappropriate comments about that tight butt.”

Meet the women who break stereotypes daily, handling home repairs, and mastering the grill. It’s not “the husband’s job” to manage all the heavy-duty tasks. Many women excel in these roles, showcasing versatility and breaking gender norms.

16. Bathroom Lines

bathroom dp389847662
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“I just think people misunderstand why women’s bathroom lines are so long, it’s not because we’re all vain – it’s because we have to sit every time unlike you, and wipe and it takes a lot longer & some women have to get undressed to do so, also not even to mention how time-consuming periods can be.”

Ever wondered why women’s bathroom lines are longer? It’s not vanity; it’s logistics. From having to sit every time to the added time menstruation can require, and sometimes even needing to undress partially — these factors add up, creating longer queues.

Understanding and empathy can go a long way in dispelling impatience.

17. Driving and the Uterus

woman driving ss2068689707
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“The uterus is harmed when women drive. This was the excuse used by Saudi Arabia for YEARS before women were finally allowed to drive in 2017.”

In 2013, a leading Saudi cleric, Sheikh Saleh Al-Loheidan, made headlines by claiming that women who drive can damage their ovaries and pelvises, potentially leading to children born with “clinical problems.” This statement was widely criticized and ridiculed, both within and outside Saudi Arabia.

Despite the backlash and the lack of scientific evidence to support this claim, it echoed a sentiment that had been used to justify the ban on women driving in the country for many years. This ban was only lifted in 2017, a move that was seen as a significant step forward in the fight for women’s rights in Saudi Arabia.

By shedding light on these unfounded beliefs about women, we pave the way for a more inclusive, empathetic, and informed society. Let us champion the truth, celebrate diversity, and foster understanding, breaking free from the chains of misconception to build a world grounded in reality and respect for all genders.

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