Democrats Begin to Panic About Biden & Election Face-off

In a season marred by Democratic discontent, the party and its media allies grapple with President Biden’s dwindling approval ratings, currently hovering around a precarious 42% ¹. The looming question remains: What took them so long to acknowledge the crisis, and what steps will they undertake to salvage their standing?

Despite the White House’s relentless promotion of “Bidenomics,” the electorate seems reluctant to credit Mr. Biden for the nation’s economic upswing. 

Alarmingly, he is neck-and-neck with Donald Trump in a potential 2024 face-off, indicating his weakened position as an incumbent presiding over a burgeoning economy.

A Party In Turmoil

The Democratic party is visibly in turmoil, with seasoned campaigners like James Carville and Jim Messina admonishing the party’s “bedwetters.” ² A growing chorus in media circles suggests Biden should forgo a second term bid, exiting as a Democratic savior who prevented a second Trump tenure. This move could pave the way for a younger, more vibrant candidate to take the helm.

However, a conspicuous silence prevails among prominent Democrats, none of whom have dared to voice this sentiment publicly or challenge Biden in the primaries.

The underlying confidence seems to stem from the belief that Trump, as the likely Republican nominee, would be an easier adversary to defeat, given Biden’s previous victory and the perceived divisiveness of a primary challenge.

A Risky Bet

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This strategy, however, is fraught with risks, considering Biden’s glaring political vulnerabilities:

Age and Decline

Despite media efforts to shield Biden, the public trusts their perception. A staggering 73% believe he is too old to vie for the presidency again. As his 81st birthday approaches, concerns about his accelerating aging are mounting.

A recent Forbes ³ article had a different take. Suggesting this focus on age seems misplaced in an era where advancements in science have significantly extended life expectancy, with the average age of populations worldwide trending upwards. The United States, a pioneer in many of these scientific advancements, should celebrate the vitality and contributions of its older citizens rather than question their competence based on age.

Despite the prevalent ageism, a significant portion of the population, including some octogenarians, resent this focus on Biden’s age, labeling it as a form of discrimination. They argue that age should not be the sole determinant of an individual’s ability to wield political power effectively.

Interestingly, the current Senate is the second oldest since 1789, a reflection of the increased life expectancy since that period. At his current age, Biden is not an outlier among global leaders, with several other heads of state in their late sixties or early seventies. 

His extensive experience and deep connections with global peers could be seen as an asset, offering him a rich reservoir of knowledge and networks to navigate the complex world of politics.

Biden’s tenure so far has been marked by significant achievements, including the passage of a substantial infrastructure law and a historic package of climate measures. Some sections of the global media have acknowledged his domestic and international leadership as formidable.

As the world braces itself for individuals living and working longer than ever, Biden’s presidency could redefine societal perceptions about age and capability. 

His journey might serve as a beacon, illustrating that age can be synonymous with wisdom and experience, opening up new possibilities and potentials for individuals worldwide.

The Kamala Harris Factor

Initially chosen to appease the party’s identity politics, Harris has proven to be a liability, with frequent gaffes and a perceived lack of readiness for the top job. Should Biden win in 2024, the prospect of her presidency is a focal point of Republican campaigns.

The Hunter Biden Saga

The unfolding scandal surrounding Hunter Biden’s business ventures and exploiting the Biden name for financial gains continues to haunt the administration, with potential for further revelations.

Economic Slowdown

Despite a robust recovery, the economy is expected to decelerate, with real incomes yet to recover fully from recent price surges. A potential spike in unemployment rates could spell trouble for the Democrats.

Migration Crisis

Biden’s inability to curb the influx of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border is causing widespread discontent, even among Democratic ranks, with warnings of adverse repercussions in the 2024 elections.

A Precarious Path Ahead

While external threats from nations like Russia, China, and Iran loom, the internal political risks are substantial enough to warrant Democratic apprehension. Relying on Trump as their saving grace, as has been the case since 2016, is a gamble of significant proportions.

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Should the Democrats persist with the Biden-Harris ticket and face a shocking defeat, pointing fingers at the Republicans would be futile. The Democrats would have played a pivotal role in their downfall, a testament to their failure to address the glaring issues within their ranks.

The Democrats find themselves at a critical juncture where their decisions could either salvage their position or contribute to their undoing in the upcoming elections. 

Only time will reveal the efficacy of their strategies and the fate that awaits them in 2024.


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