“Did I Unlock a Cheat Code?” — Google Flights Hack Goes Viral, Offering Travelers Cheaper Options

A travel influencer’s recent discovery of a Google flights hack has taken the internet by storm, promising to change the way people book their flights.

The hack, which involves a simple yet overlooked feature on Google Flights, allows users to find significantly cheaper flight options, and it’s causing quite a stir online, especially among avid travelers.

Google’s Hidden Gem for Cheaper Flights

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A travel influencer shared a video about her recent discovery of a somewhat hidden Google “cheat code” for locating the most affordable flights globally.

The video exploded in popularity, accumulating 4 million views and over 201,000 ‘saves’ from individuals eager to try out the hack, all within a single day of its posting.

“Did I just unlock a cheat code or did everyone know about this??” inquired the British influencer, known as ‘Around the Atlas’ on the platform, addressing her audience. She detailed the process: start with a Google search for ‘Google Flights’.

“Once you’re there, enter your departure location.” For her, it was London. Next, she instructed to input ‘anywhere’ into the field asking for your destination.

“Keep the departure and return dates open and click explore,” she continued.

Recording her laptop screen, the TikToker enthusiastically displayed an array of destinations alongside the most economical fares. “Is this common knowledge, because I feel like this incredible tool is being kept under wraps,” she expressed.

“It literally presents you with flight costs at unbelievable prices, like £26 ($31) for a round trip to Barcelona (from London) and £54 ($65) to Budapest. “There are even long-distance options to the US, such as £336 ($408) for a trip to New York.”

She noted the necessity of traveling within specific dates but remained amazed by the affordability of numerous flights, especially to overseas locations.

Public Response

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As with any viral hack, the public’s response has been a mix of amazement and skepticism. Several individuals remarked that, although they were familiar with Google Flights, they were unaware of the ‘anywhere’ feature.

“I travel frequently and consistently use Google Flights. However, this ‘to anywhere’ feature is new to me, thanks,” one commenter noted.

“Interestingly, if you search in incognito mode, the prices are even lower,” another shared.

A third contributor recounted, “I managed a London to Cologne flight for $10. The best time to hunt for budget-friendly flights is Tuesday or Wednesday around midnight. Don’t forget to use incognito mode!”

Nonetheless, a few highlighted that while the fares were low, the flight schedules could be less than ideal.

“I was thrilled to book flights when I stumbled upon this, only to realize the timings were incredibly inconvenient (frequently departing at 00:10H) and involved numerous layovers,” one user shared.

Others brought up that platforms like Skyscanner and Kayak offer comparable functionalities for tracking down economical flights.

“I’ve been a fan of Skyscanner for a long time, but since it began incorporating advertisements and such, it doesn’t always present the most cost-effective flight options,” the influencer responded.

Discovering Cheap Flights

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This Google Flights trick is changing how we book travel. Instead of picking a place, you start with your city and leave the destination open. Suddenly, a map shows up with all sorts of flight prices. The real magic?

You don’t hunt for deals; the cheapest ones pop up themselves! But remember, these low prices might mean you can’t pick your seat or have to travel at odd times. Still, if you’re okay with surprises and flexible plans, you could end up with a super cheap ticket to an awesome place.

Travel Smarter

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Google Flights isn’t just about finding the cheapest flights; it’s about traveling smarter. You can adjust your dates and see how prices change. Plus, if you’re not set on a place, you might find super cheap tickets to somewhere you never thought of visiting!

But be careful — the cheapest options might have some catches like no checked bags or tricky flight times. And here’s a pro tip: turn on price tracking to get alerts when prices drop.

Who knows, maybe your next adventure is just a cheap flight away!

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