Host Draws Line at Vegan Co-Worker: ‘I Don’t Want Her Coming’ to the Party

A dinner party host recently faced backlash over handling a guest’s dietary restrictions. The host had invited five friends for a dinner party, allowing each to bring a plus one.

To ensure the menu accommodated everyone’s nutritional needs, the host created a group text to inquire about any allergies or dietary restrictions.

Late Addition to the Guest List

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A few days before the event, one of the friends who hadn’t initially planned to bring a guest asked if they could invite a coworker. The host agreed, unaware of the coworker’s vegan dietary preference.

The coworker was later added to the group chat where the menu was discussed, setting the stage for a contentious exchange.

Dispute Over Menu

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Upon learning the menu details, the coworker responded with a lengthy message expressing dissatisfaction with the lack of vegan options.

She argued that at least half the dishes at any event should be vegan to avoid forcing vegans to announce their dietary preferences, likening the necessity to do so to historical atrocities.

“At least half the dishes at any event with food must be vegan because vegans shouldn’t have to announce they are vegan. If they have to say they are vegan, that’s the same as forcing Jewish people to wear yellow stars during the Holocaust.”

The coworker demanded the addition of at least two vegan dishes to the menu, asserting failure to do so would indicate,

“I hate both animals and minorities (apparently being vegan makes you a minority).”

Host’s Response

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The host replied that they had already begun preparations based on the previously agreed menu and could not accommodate the last-minute request. While the host acknowledged the possibility of tweaking two dishes to make them vegan-friendly, they were reluctant to do so given the late notice and the request’s length.

The host also noted their discomfort with the coworker attending the party following the aggressive tone of the message.

Dinner Night’s Events and the After Party

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The disagreement escalated with the friend and the coworker engaging in a heated exchange with the host through the group text, expressing their grievances about the perceived lack of accommodation for vegans. The duo eventually decided not to attend the dinner party.

Despite the pre-event conflict, the dinner party proceeded as planned, with attendees enjoying the evening. However, the dispute did not end there, as the absent friend and coworker took to social media to criticize the host’s unwillingness to accommodate the coworker’s dietary needs.

This led to a series of messages to the host, some from acquaintances and others from strangers, arguing that the host should have been more accommodating.

Veganism In Society

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In recent years, the vegan movement has seen a significant rise, with individuals, institutions, and groups globally adhering to veganism for various reasons including animal welfare, environmental concerns, and personal health.

A collaborative research project conducted in 2019 by The Vegan Society, The Ecologist magazine, and Kingston University sought to understand contemporary perceptions of vegans and non-vegans about veganism.

The research revealed that personal preferences and tastes, practical barriers such as lack of time and availability of vegan food, and social barriers including stereotypes and abuse directed towards vegans were identified as barriers to adopting a vegan lifestyle.

The study also highlighted the complex perceptions and attitudes towards veganism in society, emphasizing the need for nuanced discussions and information dissemination to foster understanding and possibly encourage more people to consider veganism.

Community Reactions

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Many people online reacted to the story, supporting the host and criticizing the coworker’s approach and demands. Here are some of the responses:

Shocked & Disbelieving

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“What in the [world] did I just read? There’s no way I just encountered a Holocaust reference in a post about a vegan coworker at a dinner party… Being a vegan is not a demographic and not a minority. I honestly don’t know if I believe this post.”

Criticism of the Coworker’s Approach

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“I am still laughing at the suggestion that vegans don’t need to announce that they are vegan. Surely making announcements about being vegan is half the purpose of being vegan (with the other half being berating non-vegans)”

Relief Over the Coworker’s Absence

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“NTA. Look on the bright side. Imagine how miserable your dinner party would have been if this smug, entitled, rude, tedious, and insufferable woman had actually shown up and decided to opine in person rather than via text.”

The incident has sparked a broader discussion on the responsibilities of a host when it comes to accommodating guests’ dietary preferences, especially when requests are made at the last minute. It raises questions about the extent to which hosts should go to ensure every guest’s needs are met and the appropriate way for guests to communicate their dietary restrictions.

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