Divorce Lawyer Advises Top 5 Professions Women Should Avoid In a Spouse

Recently, the rate of divorce and separation has been on the rise, with nearly 50% of all marriages in the United States ending in either divorce or separation.

This trend, although alarming, sometimes serves as a necessary step for individuals seeking to start anew, leaving behind relationships that may have required significant sacrifices.

A Legal Expert’s Observations

Divorce Lawyer Advises Women to Avoid Men with These 5 ‘Narcissistic Jobs
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A local divorce lawyer who shares legal advice and exciting facts about the law through her online platform recently brought attention to a concerning trend she has noticed in her 13 years of practice.

She says certain professions seem to be a common denominator in many challenging divorce cases she has handled.

She noted that individuals from these professions often exhibit narcissistic tendencies, are controlling, and adopt a combative stance during divorce proceedings. This observation led her to advise people to be cautious when considering marrying individuals from these professions.

The Five Professions to be Wary of

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The lawyer identified the following five professions as being linked to more difficult divorce cases.

Here’s the first one:

1. Firefighters

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While the common narrative suggests that firefighters face exceedingly high divorce rates, a closer examination of the data paints a slightly different picture.

According to a study discussed on Fire Dept. Family ², the divorce rate among firefighters is 14.1%, which is marginally lower than the national average of 16.6% recorded in 2008. This trend is particularly noticeable among male firefighters, who constitute about 90% of the firefighter population in the US and have a divorce rate below the national average.

However, it is important to note that the divorce cases involving firefighters tend to be quite challenging, echoing the observations made in this article.

Female firefighters, in particular, experience up to three times higher divorce rates, a phenomenon speculated to be linked to the stresses associated with the job.

Despite the slightly lower divorce rate, the complexities and stresses of the job can contribute to difficult marital situations, aligning with the concerns raised in the initial article regarding the nature of divorce cases involving individuals from this profession. Therefore, while the divorce rate may not be as high as commonly believed, the unique challenges faced by firefighters can indeed lead to strenuous and complicated divorce proceedings.

2. Military service members

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The military profession is known to have one of the highest divorce rates, with certain factors exacerbating marital issues among service members. According to a report by the Miller Law Firm ³, the divorce rate among U.S. military members is nearly double the national average. In 2019, about 3.09% of individuals who were in the military and got married in the same year ended up divorcing within that year.

The statistics further reveal a gender disparity in divorce rates within the military: female service members have a significantly higher divorce rate of 4.54%, compared to their male counterparts who have a divorce rate of 2.9%. This discrepancy might be attributed to the unique challenges women face in the military.

The high divorce rate among military members can be traced back to several contributing factors. The nature of military careers often imposes stress on families due to frequent relocations, which can create problems for many married couples. Additionally, the low wages that many service members earn add financial stress to marriages. The considerable time spent apart due to deployments and duties makes it challenging for couples to address and resolve marital issues.

Furthermore, military divorces often entail complex considerations, including navigating military benefits and intricate child custody issues, which can make the divorce process even more strenuous.

3. Police officers

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The profession of law enforcement is often associated with high divorce rates, a trend that seems to be deeply ingrained in the culture of the police force. According to an article by Missy Morris on Cordico ⁴, the perception of high divorce rates among police officers might be more complex than mere statistics.

During her time in the police academy, Morris was informed that the divorce rate was around 76% for male officers and even higher, about 84%, for female officers. Although these figures were not substantiated with references, they served as a warning about the potential strain the profession could put on relationships.

The nature of the job often requires officers to be controlling and unyielding, traits that can create friction in personal relationships. The high-stress environment and the necessity to maintain a dominant personality to succeed in the field can unfortunately translate into a difficult domestic partnership. Moreover, the job demands can lead to sleep deprivation, adding further strain on marriages.

Despite these challenges, Morris suggests that successful marriages are possible with conscious effort and understanding. She emphasizes the importance of communication, giving grace, and seeking professional help before marital issues escalate to the point of divorce. She encourages officers to work relentlessly at their relationships, balancing the demands of their job with the needs of their partners to foster a healthy and lasting marriage.

In her personal journey, Morris acknowledges that it took time and learning from past mistakes to find a harmonious path in her marital life, illustrating that while the profession comes with its challenges, successful marriages are indeed possible with effort and understanding.

4. Surgeons

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The demanding nature of a physician’s job, including long and unpredictable work hours, has historically been thought to potentially lead to higher divorce rates. However, a study published in The BMJ ⁵, which analyzed data from the US census between 2008 and 2013, suggests otherwise.

According to the study, the divorce rate among physicians is not higher compared to other healthcare and non-healthcare professions. In fact, the prevalence and incidence of divorce among physicians were found to be considerably lower than that of nurses, healthcare executives, lawyers, and other non-healthcare professionals.

Interestingly, the study found a significant gender disparity in divorce rates among physicians. Female physicians were substantially more likely to be divorced compared to their male counterparts. Moreover, the number of hours worked per week was positively correlated with divorce rates only for female physicians, indicating that the increased divorce rates among female physicians might be partly due to the differential responses to the number of hours worked.

The study concluded that despite the professional obligations and long work hours, divorce among physicians is less common than among non-healthcare workers and several other health professions. The divorce rate among physicians was estimated to be around 24.3%, which is lower compared to other professions such as lawyers (26.9%) and non-healthcare professionals (35.0%).

It is important to note that the study found that the divorce rates were influenced by various factors including age, race, and weekly hours worked, with the impact of hours worked showing a significant difference between male and female physicians.

Insights and Questions

  1. Gender Disparity: The study highlights a significant gender disparity in divorce rates among physicians. What could be the underlying reasons for this disparity, and how might it be addressed?
  2. Work Hours and Divorce Rates: The study indicates a positive correlation between the number of hours worked per week and divorce rates, but only for female physicians. What implications does this have for work-life balance policies in healthcare settings?
  3. Comparative Analysis with Other Professions: The study compares the divorce rates of physicians with several other professions. How might the insights from this study influence policies and perceptions regarding the work-life balance of physicians and other professionals?

5. Pilots

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The life of a pilot comes with its own set of unique challenges and rewards, which significantly influence their personal lives, including marital relationships. According to a blog post on Gitnux ⁶, pilots have a divorce rate of 30.5%, a figure that underscores the difficulties pilots face in maintaining healthy relationships. This rate is considerably high, placing pilots fifth in the top 15 professions with the highest divorce rate in the US.

The demanding work schedule, frequent travel, and high-stress levels are factors that can negatively influence family life, with 56% of pilots acknowledging this impact.

Interestingly, the aviation industry seems to foster a strong bond among its professionals, with male aviators being 30% more likely to marry fellow pilots, and female pilots being 138% more likely to do the same. Despite the challenges, a significant portion of pilot marriages demonstrate resilience, with 71% reporting that their marriages have lasted 20 years or more.

However, the profession demands a careful balance between work and personal life, as 52% of pilots admitted that their personal life had affected their work life. The data suggests that while the pilot profession can strain marriages, with conscious effort and understanding, pilots can nurture successful, long-term relationships.

Public Reactions to the Advice

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She remarked that individuals from these professions tend to adopt a “nuke-the-earth, scorch-the-earth, ‘How dare you challenge me?’ kind of approach to litigation.”

The lawyer’s advice sparked a lively discussion in the comments section of her post, with many agreeing with her assessment. One person succinctly noted the commonality as “uniforms,” accompanied by a red flag emoji. Another individual humorously summarized the professions as “The 5 Ps: police, paramedics, physicians, pilots, and firefighters.”

Interestingly, the discussion also brought forth suggestions for professions perceived as more suitable for marriage.

Construction workers were highlighted as being low maintenance, helpful with household chores, and having hobbies contributing to home improvement. Engineers were also mentioned as being among the “sweetest” partners.

Additional Professions to Consider

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The conversation continued beyond the initial five professions mentioned. Some commenters mentioned other professions people might want to avoid when considering marriage.

One notable addition was pastors, with one individual sharing their experience with a band teacher with a god complex.

A Note on Stay-at-Home Moms

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The lawyer also briefly discussed the topic of whom men should avoid marrying. She mentioned that men might want to steer clear of individuals who are stay-at-home moms, hinting at potential complications during divorce proceedings involving custody and asset division.

What the Study Says

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In an article authored by N.M. Cain presents a detailed investigation into the correlation between narcissistic traits and vocational interests. The study explores the nuances of narcissism, characterized by three core aspects: antagonism, grandiosity, and vulnerability.

It emphasizes that individuals with grandiose narcissistic traits often prefer careers in the artistic, social, biology, and business domains, where opportunities for admiration, status attainment, and leadership are prevalent. These individuals are typically extroverted and seek roles that align with their social and enterprising interests.

Conversely, those with vulnerable narcissistic traits marked by social withdrawal and neuroticism might have negative associations with social interest factors. The study leverages the Five Factor Narcissism Inventory (FFNI) to provide a more comprehensive analysis of narcissistic traits, offering insights into how these traits influence career choices.

This research contributes to the existing body of knowledge by presenting a more nuanced understanding of narcissism’s role in vocational interests.

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