Woman Attempts to DIY Jersey Mike’s ‘Sub in a Tub’, But Costs $60: “This #girlmath is not mathing”

Have you ever had an intense craving to recreate your favorite restaurant meal at home? That’s precisely what Quinn Valentine set out to do when she found herself obsessing over Jersey Mike’s keto-friendly “Sub in a Tub.”

Little did she know that her DIY endeavor would result in a shocking $60 grocery bill, leaving her questioning whether the “girl math” had gone awry.

The Temptation of the ‘Sub in a Tub’

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Quinn Valentine couldn’t resist the allure of Jersey Mike’s keto-friendly creation, the “Sub in a Tub.” Her obsession led her to attempt to replicate the mouthwatering delight at home.

She documented her journey to the grocery store to gather the necessary ingredients in a video that garnered many views.

The Costly Grocery Haul

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Valentine’s shopping cart was brimming with quality ingredients, including ham, provolone, Genoa salami, tomatoes, peppers, and even a bag of Dot’s pretzels. However, as the items were tallied, the total soared past $60.

At this moment, Valentine realized her attempt at frugality might not have been as cost-effective as she initially thought.

‘Girl Math’ and the Sub In a Tub Dilemma

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Valentine playfully lamented in her video caption, “This #girlmath is not mathing rn. The #dotspretzels were necessary…” Her DIY adventure had led to a grocery bill significantly higher than the $8.25 she would have paid for the Original Italian Sub in a Tub at Jersey Mike’s.

The Rising Cost of Groceries

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While grocery prices have steadily climbed recently, Valentine’s substantial bill wasn’t solely due to inflation. Instead, it resulted from the quantity and quality of the ingredients she selected.

Nonetheless, some viewers chimed in with suggestions to save on future attempts.

Savings Strategies

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One viewer recommended exploring alternatives like Aldi, which often offers more budget-friendly options. Valentine acknowledged that this would have been more innovative and cost-effective.

Another suggested bulk shopping at big-box stores like Costco for better deals on specific items like Dot’s pretzels, highlighting the potential savings from buying in larger quantities.

The Variety vs. Budget Dilemma

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While Quinn Valentine might have secured multiple Subs in Tubs with her grocery haul, one commenter pointed out a potential drawback: a lack of variety in her diet. When sandwich ingredients dominate your grocery budget, you may find yourself eating the same thing day after day.

Valentine acknowledged this predicament, humorously noting that she might be limited to enjoying “Sub in a Tub” for an entire week due to her shopping choices.

Quality Comes at a Price

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Valentine also shared that the higher quality of some items, such as deli meats, contributed to the elevated total. In the world of DIY restaurant replication, it’s essential to balance cost with quality to achieve that perfect at-home dining experience.

Raw Material Costs Remain High

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According to the World Bank’s April 2023 Commodity Markets Outlook, raw material prices have dropped from their post-Russia invasion of Ukraine surges. However, they are still significantly higher than pre-pandemic levels.

Factors contributing to the price drop include slowing global economic activity, favorable winter weather, and redirected commodity trade.

Energy prices, especially Brent oil, have decreased, with a 35% drop compared to their record high in June 2022. Due to mild winter weather and increased LNG imports, natural gas prices have also dropped by about 80% from their August peak.

Future Price Trends

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Despite recent declines, raw material prices are expected to drop by only 21% in 2023, stabilizing in 2024. This follows a 45% increase in 2022.

Food and fertilizer prices remain near record highs, exceeding even the levels seen during the 2007/8 food crisis, and are expected to remain high.

Factors Influencing Raw Material Costs

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Raw material costs are primarily influenced by supply and demand dynamics. Supply can be affected by world events, economic disruptions, climate, and environmental factors.

Energy price fluctuations also impact raw material costs, affecting production, transportation, and extraction expenses.

High raw material costs directly affect production costs and, subsequently, the pricing of finished goods or services.

U.S. Companies Respond to Cost Pressures

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U.S. companies facing high raw material prices, increased labor expenses, and supply chain challenges are raising product prices in response to rising demand as the economy reopens.

Manufacturing in the U.S. has contracted for four consecutive months, but there are signs of stabilization. Prices for raw materials have increased, indicating the potential for elevated inflation.

Manufacturing Outlook

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Manufacturing in the U.S. is contracting but not at a pace suggesting an overall economic recession. Some industries, including transportation and electrical equipment, report growth, while others, like paper products, textiles, and furniture, are contracting.

The worst may be over for manufacturing, with positive signs in factory production and business spending on equipment at the start of the first quarter.

Discussion & Sources

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These discussions highlight the complex interplay of factors affecting raw material prices and the challenges industries and manufacturers face in managing costs and pricing in response to market dynamics.

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