‘DO BETTER WALMART’: Woman Shares Walmart’s Controversial Business Practices

As the world shifts towards sustainable practices, a TikToker from Florida is spotlighting the retail giant.

Videos showcasing Walmart’s purported wasteful habits—carts filled with discarded yet edible food—have captured widespread attention.

The sight of untouched rotisserie chickens and bakery items being thrown away has ignited both shock and concern. Here’s the inside story on this unfolding controversy.

The Shocking Revelation

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Drew Jitzoo has highlighted what he perceives as wasteful practices at Walmart through a series of videos. In these clips, he captures carts filled with food destined for the dumpster.

His first video showcases almost thirty rotisserie chickens, still warm, about to be discarded. The subsequent video features baked goods from the store’s bakery section, ready to be thrown away.

The third video, which has garnered the most attention, displays a cart brimming with bread, rolls, and pastries. Jitzoo, taken aback, remarks, “Wow, holy crap. Is it all going in the trash?”

A Walmart worker confirms, “Yep.”

Jitzoo, focusing his camera on the cart’s contents, exclaims, “No! Dude, those cinnamon rolls look good.”

Public Outcry

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The videos have garnered significant attention, with many viewers expressing their dismay at the wastefulness. Comments range from calling for such practices to be made illegal to urging Walmart to adopt better, more sustainable practices.

“Inflate the price on everything but can still make enough profit to throw it away hmm.. am I missing something? ” one commenter said.

Another one said, “I work in a bakery. We donate all of our unsold items. DO BETTER WALMART ”

A third added, “I remember crying when I was working there because I was hungry and they were making me throw away the food.”

The primary concern is the sheer volume of discarded edible food, especially when many are struggling with food insecurity.

The Larger Issue

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Retail giants are often faced with the dilemma of unsold food. One of the primary reasons for this wastage is the expiration dates on products. However, these dates often indicate peak freshness rather than safety.

A significant amount of discarded food remains safe for consumption. In the U.S., a staggering $162 billion worth of food is wasted annually. On the other hand, in Germany, around 12.7 million tons of food end up as waste yearly, with the retail sector contributing 0.49 million tons.

The main culprits behind this wastage include expiration dates, spoilage, consumer purchasing behavior, and over-ordering. Retailers, especially store owners, feel the financial pinch of this wastage as it directly affects their bottom line.

Strategies to Combat Food Waste

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While the “sell by date” on products indicates peak freshness, it doesn’t necessarily denote the safety of the food. Many of these discarded items remain safe for consumption.

Businesses have multiple options to reduce such wastage, such as selling the food at discounted rates through apps like Too Good To Go or donating unsold items to those in need. However, there’s a prevailing belief among many companies that offering discounts or giveaways might deter full-price purchases.

Store owners in Germany, for instance, have adopted strategies based on their experience and management style, such as precise planning, accurate ordering, and timely price reductions on soon-to-be-expiring food products.

Donating food surpluses to food banks, employees, and even as animal feed are other measures taken to reduce wastage.

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