‘Does it smell like the bread?’ Customer Snags Wall Art from Closing Subway Store for Just $25

In a world filled with fast-food options, one man discovered a creative and distinctive way to forever cherish his love for Subway sandwiches.

The Viral Purchase

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A customer known as Timm recently went viral for purchasing wall art from a Subway store that was closing down.

The art piece, which cost him just $25, has sparked conversations online about the value of such memorabilia and the state of Subway as a business.

Timm’s Discovery

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Timm learned about a nearby Subway store’s liquidation sale from his girlfriend. “My girlfriend just told me that a nearby subway is closing down, and they’re liquidating the entire store,” he said.

Intrigued by the opportunity, he decided to purchase his girlfriend’s reservations. “Babe, I’m going to buy something,” he told her, to which she responded, “No, you’re not,” with increasing desperation.

Undeterred, Timm bought the wall art, later stating,

“This is the best 25 dollars I’ve ever spent.”

Public Reaction

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The internet had a field day with Timm’s purchase. His story was viewed over 589,000 times and garnered over 92,000 likes.

People flooded the comments section with their dreams of owning Subway decor.

One user exclaimed, “$25?!?!?!?!?!?!?!” while another agreed, saying, “ONLY $25?! a steal fr.”

Others shared their wish lists, with one user saying,

“I’ve always dreamed of owning a subway bench/table combo. Specifically the ones with the yellow benches.”

Another one added,

“Does it smell like the bread? I feel like it would after years of being there.”

The Bigger Picture: Subway’s Struggles

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Subway’s Struggle with Closures and the Search for a Buyer

Subway, the Miami-based sandwich giant, has been grappling with a significant decline in its number of operating restaurants.

According to the company’s franchise disclosure document, Subway closed 571 restaurants in the U.S. last year, bringing its total number of U.S. locations to 20,576—the lowest since 2005. This decline is part of a larger trend; since 2016, Subway has closed more than 6,500 restaurants in the U.S., averaging over 900 closures per year.

These closures come as Subway seeks a buyer, with a deal expected by the end of May or early June. The company aims for a $10 billion valuation and has received offers ranging between $8.5 billion and $10 billion.

Rising interest rates could complicate the financing of such a deal. Despite the closures, Subway reported an 11.7% rise in same-store sales in North America and a 12.1% increase globally in the first quarter.

The company has also been undergoing a massive turnaround strategy, overhauling its menu and operational model in an attempt to reverse the trend.

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