“Why are the comments acting as if people aren’t out here struggling?”: Push Back Against Snobby Viewers of the Man’s Dollar Tree Steak Dinner

Meat lovers usually relish the idea of a steak dinner. However, when a video showcasing a feast prepared with Stampede brand boneless beef ribeye steak, a product from Dollar Tree, became popular, several viewers expressed their skepticism.

But not everyone was critical. Many people who had faced tough times or knew the value of a dollar came to the cook’s defense.

They praised the affordable meal the creator put together with a budget of just under $10, proving that a delicious meal sometimes needs a hefty price tag.

Crafting a Full-Course Meal on a Budget

@thundermane328 Here a steak dinner from the Dollartree yup. #dollartree #Cheapmeals #dollarmeals #dollarmeals #budgetmeals #easyrecipe ♬ original sound – Alanya Williams

Alanya Williams utilizes his TikTok platform to showcase how far your food budget can go, demonstrating how to turn affordable ingredients from discount stores like Dollar Tree into fulfilling meals.

In a video posted, Williams crafted an entire steak dinner with sides of pasta and mixed vegetables, using only items he grabbed from Dollar Tree.

The video, drawing over 1.8 million views, features Williams selecting Stampede ribeye steaks, frozen stir-fry veggies, spaghetti, pasta sauce, and Tombstone Pizza Stix from the store’s shelves.

Williams, while sharing with viewers, said, “I was in the neighborhood,” and confidently assured, “I’ll make you a meal.” He skillfully cooked up the items, using generous helpings of butter and various spices, presenting two plates that could easily be mistaken for restaurant meals.

Mixed Reactions from the Viewers

Despite the impressive presentation, there were some who weren’t entirely convinced by the dollar-store steak dinner.

A viewer expressed skepticism about the affordable meal, commenting,

“I’m sorry can’t do the dollar tree steaks.”

Nevertheless, Williams found an army of supporters among his viewers, many of whom chastised the naysayers for their lack of understanding and empathy toward those trying to make ends meet.

One empathetic viewer responded,

“Why are the comments acting as if people aren’t out here struggling? He is showing folks how to make a way. Great job bro! Yup!”

Another chimed in with a reality check:

“Everyone acts like they’re too good for this food. Wait till you have access to NO food. You’ll eat anything, trust me. This looks great!”

Echoing the sentiment, another viewer added,

“God bless you. This is all some can afford.”

Highlighting the value in Williams’ thrifty meal preparation, a viewer noted,

“Bro, I love you man, that’s insane forget that’s like 100$ at Walmart.”

Support also came in the form of a viewer who believed Williams deserved recognition for his promotional efforts, stating,

“Dollar tree please sponsor yah man. He’s promoting your store and brand.”

Rising Food Prices & Its Impact on Consumers

grocery cost price ss2017774268
Image Credit: PERO studio/Shutterstock.

It’s no wonder that some people can’t afford standard grocery stores anymore. The Economic Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) provides a detailed analysis of the current food price outlook for 2023 and 2024, highlighting the notable inflation in both the food-at-home and food-away-from-home sectors.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for all food increased by 0.2% from July 2023 to August 2023, and food prices were 4.3% higher than in August 2022. Furthermore, the food-at-home (grocery store or supermarket food purchases) CPI increased by 0.1% from July 2023 to August 2023 and was 3.0% higher than August 2022.

On the other hand, the food-away-from-home (restaurant purchases) CPI increased by 0.3% in August 2023 and was 6.5% higher than in August 2022.

The USDA predicts that all food prices will increase by 5.8% in 2023, with food-at-home prices expected to rise by 5.1% and food-away-from-home prices by 7.1%.

A Hidden Gem for Affordable Grocery Shopping

woman contemplating prices dp11657837
Photo Credit: ginasanders/Deposit Photos.

With the skyrocketing food prices due to inflation, some people opt for affordable options like Dollar Tree, which is widely recognized for its budget-friendly household items and offers a remarkable range of food products that can significantly cut down your grocery bill.

Amidst the current inflation in grocery prices, consumers are exploring various strategies to minimize expenses, such as couponing and bulk buying.

However, Dollar Tree presents an alternative method to save substantially on groceries without compromising quality or variety.

From name-brand bread, typically priced at $3+ in other stores, available for $1.25, to various spices and seasonings, all essentials can be found for just $1.25 each. The store also provides a plethora of snacks, from chips and crackers to candies and nuts, all at a mere $1.25 per bag or box, allowing you to satisfy your snack cravings without overshooting your budget.

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