“Don’t ever click the tip button”: Worker Advises Customers to Skip the Tipping Screen

Ever tapped that ‘tip’ button on a touchscreen payment system, believing you’re rewarding a hardworking employee? Think again.

A recent viral video has thrown the spotlight on a contentious issue at Subway, revealing that your digital gratuity might not be going where you think.

The Subway Tip Issue That Became Viral

Dont ever click the tip button–Worker Advises Customer to Skip the Tipping Screen Revealing They Dont Receive Any of the Tip Money
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In a recent video clip that has garnered over 989,000 views, username Skye Elizabeth shared her recent Subway experience. She revealed that during a dine-in at Subway, she was advised by a worker to skip over the tipping screen.

When she inquired why, the worker allegedly responded, “We don’t see any of that money anyways. It goes straight to the owners”. The advice given was straightforward: “Unless you see a jar, don’t ever click the tip button.”

Subway Keeping Employee’s Tips

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In response to the video and the broader tipping issue, some customers have adjusted their tipping habits. One user shared,

“I DO NOT tip on the readers & more recently have begun to HAND the cash directly to the server. So many people are complaining about not getting tips!”

Another user has adopted a cautious approach, saying,

“I always ask if they’re actually going to get it before I do it.”

Ultimately, handling tips at Subway and similar establishments appear to vary based on ownership and management practices. Some Subway workers have claimed they receive their tips, while others share less fortunate experiences.

The issue of where your Subway tips really go has stirred discussions and raised questions about fair treatment of employees and compliance with law. It serves as a reminder for customers to remain vigilant about their tipping practices and to support fair treatment for service industry workers.

Viewers React, Sharing Their Sentiments

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Elizabeth’s video prompted discussions in the comments section, where users shared their experiences and thoughts. Many claimed that tip-related issues were more prevalent than one might imagine. Some users recounted instances where their tips were allegedly withheld or manipulated by managers and owners.

One user shared a disheartening experience:

“As a teen my manager took most of the tips and required us to lie and say we got $20 every day, or he would fire you.”

Another user asserted,

“Yep. My boss even took the ones in the jar.”

“It seems to be a common thing with Subway,” a third user disclosed. “My first job at 17 was Subway, and the manager took our tips too.”

Federal Law Regarding Keeping Employee’s Tips

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While some employees may feel helpless regarding tip-related issues, it’s important to note that federal law protects tipped workers. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) explicitly states that “an employer cannot keep employees’ tips under any circumstances.”

This includes managers and supervisors, who are prohibited from taking tips employees receive, even through tip pools. Therefore, if Subway owners were indeed diverting employees’ tips, they could potentially be violating federal law.

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